The Virgin Queen
Suzan Bellincampi

The reign of the water queen is coming to an end.

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Algae Harvesting Program Aims to Improve Pond Health

A dozen volunteers gathered at the Lagoon Pond last Saturday morning to do something no one could recall being done on the Vineyard. They came to harvest floating mats of algae in Mud Creek in Vineyard Haven. It was both an experiment and a beginning for an expanding effort to manage and improve the water quality in coastal ponds.

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Food That's Good for You, Better for Sea
Mark Alan Lovewell

What do oysters and seaweed have in common?

“Both remove nitrogen,” Woods Hole marine scientist Scott Lindell told a large group that attended his recent talk at the Chilmark Library about a two-year exploratory effort to cultivate seaweed in Waquoit Bay. The $150,000 project will continue through this summer and is funded through the Woods Hole Sea Grant program.

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Pond Restoration the Natural Way
Katie Ruppel

A floating raft of plants and flowers bobs atop a pond, quietly removing excess nitrogen.

This is the surface of an aquatic restorer — one of John Todd’s many alternative clean water solutions he described to shellfish constables, harbor masters and others at the Tisbury senior center Thursday evening, in a talk hosted by Tisbury Waterways Inc.

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Disappearing Eelgrass Called Canary In Declining Salt Ponds
Peter Brannen

There is much ado over eelgrass. On the Vineyard the modest sea grass has brought dredging projects to a halt, thwarted would-be pier developers and has down-Island towns considering millions of dollars worth of sewering to restore water quality to a level amenable to the light-sensitive plant. Why all the fuss?

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