U.S. Coast Guard Orders Increased Ferry Security After London Bombings

The United States Coast Guard has ordered the Steamship Authority and Hy-Line Cruises to increase security measures on their ferries following the terrorist bomb attacks in London last Thursday.

Coast Guard officials said they are not sounding an alarm, but are simply taking necessary precautions following the London attacks, which as of mid-day yesterday had accounted for 52 deaths.

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Four Fishermen Are Lost at Sea in Dragger Sinking

Four Fishermen Are Lost at Sea in Dragger Sinking


Four fishermen were lost this past Friday after their boat, the 75-foot steel dragger Lady of Grace from New Bedford, sank in Nantucket Sound 11 miles east of Cape Pogue. A call for help was never made.

Menemsha Coast Guardsmen in a 47-foot motor lifeboat discovered the location of the sunken vessel Sunday morning. Divers from the Southeast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council assisted the Menemsha crew.

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The Fishermen


Already this fall one Island angler has won a brand-new pickup truck for a huge striped bass he caught and the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby isn’t over yet.

That’s because he caught it in a different contest.

Morgan Taylor, 24, of Edgartown last week won the Angler of the Year Award in the annual Striper Cup, sponsored and run by the monthly publication On the Water. Mr. Taylor won the award for a 52-pound striped bass he caught from the shore way back in June.

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Letters to the Editor

In Defense of Yo-Yoing

Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

In view of the fact that I am already considered by many in the “sport” fishing community as one of those dirty commercial bass fishermen, it will do little to hurt my reputation to shed some light on the history and practice of yo-yoing that has been conveniently overlooked in the knee-jerk and poorly considered reaction to lead weights being found in several derby fish this year.

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Menemsha Aids Rescue in Fatal Boat Collision

Menemsha Coast Guardsmen played a large role in a rescue attempt following a collision between a sailboat and power boat in Buzzards Bay on Friday that left an experienced sailor dead.

Coast Guard personnel aboard the Menemsha-based 25-foot rescue boat responded to a mayday call for help shortly after 1:45 p.m.

Senior chief Stephen Barr of the Menemsha Coast Guard station said the boat crew arrived on scene in less than 35 minutes and found another patrol boat already there.

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Botched Exercise Puts Five in The Drink

Five Coast Guardsmen were rescued from a submerged 25-foot response boat on Wednesday during a training exercise 10 miles south of Noman’s Land. The Coast Guard said one of the men suffered an ankle injury while another was treated for hypothermia. They were transported quickly to Menemsha where they were met by paramedics, according to Coast Guard spokesman James Rhodes.

The accident occurred at 11:31 a.m. Seas were three to four feet high. A number of boats were involved in the training exercise.

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Coast Guard to Update Town on Menemsha Fire Aftermath

As discussion continues about cleanup and a still-incomplete investigation into the July 12 Menemsha fire, the Chilmark selectmen are set to meet with spokesmen for the U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday evening.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m.

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Coast Guard Search and Rescue Sees Giant Leap of Technology

On March 25, 1990, the call came over the marine radio channel 16. “This is the fishing vessel Sol e Mar,” said a frantic male voice. “We’re sinking. We need help now!” Then the line was cut and there was only static.

Coast Guard radio monitors on the Vineyard and Nantucket tried to raise the caller without success. A short time later another distress call came in, and this time caller was laughing.

Thinking now that the call was a hoax, the Coast Guard ended the matter.

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Chaos in Menemsha as Fire Destroys Coast Guard Boathouse

A huge fire erupted in the U.S. Coast Guard boathouse in Menemsha yesterday afternoon, completely destroying the 68-year-old building along with an extended wooden pier that leads to the west dock on the Menemsha harbor. Also destroyed in the blaze were at least one truck and an unknown number of small boats nearby. Miraculously there were no injuries save one minor injury to a volunteer fireman, a Coast Guard public affairs spokesman confirmed last night.

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Coast Guard Shrinks Boathouse Design, Town Says Shrink More

The U.S. Coast Guard has scaled down its deign for a new boathouse in Menemsha, but Chilmark selectmen said this week that it was still too big.

“The height is still an issue,” said selectman and board chairman Frank Fenner at a special presentation Tuesday afternoon. “Everything seems to be growing and we’re trying to contain this a little bit and not get into a position where everyone is up in arms about a mammoth structure.”

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