What Would Thoreau Do?
Robert Ganz
Not long ago, I attended a discussion on what Henry David Thoreau would want us to do in our own time.
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How to Have the Hard Conversation
Paddy Moore
Barbara Bush made a great contribution by publicly talking about palliative or “comfort care” in her final days.
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A Birthday Wish to Do Nothing Becomes the Perfect Something
Shirley Mayhew

I have always been happy that my birthday falls in the spring.

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Still Carrying a Heavy Weight
Albert O. Fischer 3rd
I shut my P.O. box and take my mail to the table to weed out the junk mail. Among the many catalogues is a letter from the U.S. government with URGENT stamped next to my address.
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Kent State: the First School Shooting
Robert Skydell

It was May 4, 1970 when the unthinkable happened. It’s preserved as a single searing image: a young woman, semi-kneeling before a man lying face down on the pavement.

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Cuba Trip Is a Journey for a New Way of Thinking
Jared Rivard
On Dec. 8, 2017, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join a collective of Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School students and community members to spend 12 days exploring Cuba.
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No Man Is an Island; Not Even a Chappy Man
Brad Woodger
I’ll be returning to Chappy shortly to reopen the Royal and Ancient — Chappy’s premiere golf course.
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The Yellow Brick Road to a Nicotine-Free Oz
Arnie Reisman

According to a Duke University health study, in the last decade three million Americans changed their minds and no longer believe smoking a pack a day poses a health risk.

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Redefining Orphans, and the Family Ties That Bind
Shirley Mayhew
Many of my friends are orphans. I have outlived all their parents, and while I am 91 and many of them are in their 60s and even 70s, I think of them as orphans.
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A Grandmother Who Created a Wonderful World
Nicole Mercier
“Nicole, it’s Grandmother,” her voice says into my ear. “I have tacos, both hard and soft. Let me know what you want, all right? Bye, now.”
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