The Yellow Brick Road to a Nicotine-Free Oz
Arnie Reisman

According to a Duke University health study, in the last decade three million Americans changed their minds and no longer believe smoking a pack a day poses a health risk.

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Redefining Orphans, and the Family Ties That Bind
Shirley Mayhew
Many of my friends are orphans. I have outlived all their parents, and while I am 91 and many of them are in their 60s and even 70s, I think of them as orphans.
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A Grandmother Who Created a Wonderful World
Nicole Mercier
“Nicole, it’s Grandmother,” her voice says into my ear. “I have tacos, both hard and soft. Let me know what you want, all right? Bye, now.”
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Don't Tamper With Town Water; Fluoride Is Risky Business
Maria Thibodeau
I am writing in response to the recent Edgartown board of health’s move to add fluoride to our municipal water supply.
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Fluoride Is a Proven Health Commodity
Dr. Garrett Orazem
On April 12, the voters of Edgar town will decide whether to follow the advice of the town board of health on a very important issue.
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With Finances, Future Is the True Arbiter
Gary Montrowl
This year’s West Tisbury warrant seeks your approval of $19.8 million in appropriations.
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Override Is for the Good of All
Skipper Manter
While there are no contested offices in this year’s annual town election, the town of West Tisbury will — for the first time in 14 years — need to turn to its voters to pass a Proposition 2 1/2 override question in order to support the budget for the coming fiscal year.
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Facts Matter, So Does a New Tisbury School
Harold Chapdelaine
The preservationist in me wants to renovate and add to the existing Tisbury School, but the facts do not support the notion.
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Marching for a Better World, Gratefully
Keith Chatinover
February 14, 2018 was like any other Wednesday for me. After school, I went with my golden lab and my friend Isabella Youmans on a hike at Caroline Tuthill Preserve.
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Keeping Score After a Score of Town Meetings
Nelson Sigelman
At annual town meetings in April and May, Martha’s Vineyard voters will take up the political arguments and questions that have steamed all winter like a pot of thick chowder.
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