After Paris Withdrawal Real Work Begins
Rob Hannemann
In everyone’s favorite 1940s movie, Rick tells Ilsa, “We’ll always have Paris”. Well, maybe not.
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Earth Interest Should Exceed Self Interest
Jeremy Houser
This is not the time to focus on self-interest. But President Trump’s climate policy is clearly a bad deal for Martha’s Vineyard.
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Pilgrim Closing Date Not a Done Deal
Richard Knabel
Despite a decommissioning advisory committee for the Pilgrim nuclear power station, will Pilgrim actually close in 2019?
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When the Inside Scoop Doesn't Measure Up
Bill Eville
An editor of a national newspaper called me recently to see if I would be interested in writing a piece for them about summer on the Vineyard from a local’s perspective.
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Takes a Stormy Soul to Calm a Hungry Crew
Joe Keenan
I am on an Island off the coast of Massachusetts thinking about my time as a sea cook on tall ships.
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Putting One Foot in Front of the Other
Edward Hoagland
From saunter to strut we walk through life, hoofing a dance from time to time. Charlie Chaplin did a duck waddle and Michael Jackson moon-walked.
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Hungry Ticks Are Out: Prevention Is Key
Richard Johnson
The real tick season has started as nymphs of both deer ticks and lone star ticks are out and will be present through July.
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Winning Isn't Everything, But Neither Is Losing
Nancy Slonim Aronie
My cousin Ethan (by marriage) who is 6’6” and played professional basketball for a league in Israel in his younger days, says what’s the point of playing anything if not to win?
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Still Shucking From Yonder Shores
Steve Ewing
Jimmy always reminded me of Peter O’Toole charging through the desert on a camel Long lion mane flowing.
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Strong Spirits Traveling on Hard Roads
Joe Keenan
I wish I could say I went in undercover as a reporter. That’s not the case. I was a bona fide patient. Gosnold. Detox.
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