Hungry Ticks Are Out: Prevention Is Key
Richard Johnson
The real tick season has started as nymphs of both deer ticks and lone star ticks are out and will be present through July.
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Winning Isn't Everything, But Neither Is Losing
Nancy Slonim Aronie
My cousin Ethan (by marriage) who is 6’6” and played professional basketball for a league in Israel in his younger days, says what’s the point of playing anything if not to win?
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Still Shucking From Yonder Shores
Steve Ewing
Jimmy always reminded me of Peter O’Toole charging through the desert on a camel Long lion mane flowing.
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Strong Spirits Traveling on Hard Roads
Joe Keenan
I wish I could say I went in undercover as a reporter. That’s not the case. I was a bona fide patient. Gosnold. Detox.
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Everyone Has a Story to Tell
Joan Bowman
I’ve been teaching a workshop, How to Write Your Memoirs, at a retirement community in New Jersey.
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Best Mother's Day Gift; a Great-Grandchild
Shirley Mayhew
Sunday is Mother’s Day. I have been a mother for more than 67 years, the longest job I have ever held.
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Nearly Fifty Years Ago Today, Sergeant Pepper Taught the Band to Play
Arnie Reisman
In 1967, the average cost of a new car was $2,750 and the average cost of gas was 33 cents a gallon.
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A Love Affair That Lasted for 56 Years
Charlayne Hunter-Gault
When Lucy Durr was a high school junior in Montgomery, Ala., her older first cousin, John, invited her to a party. There John introduced Lucy to his good friend Sheldon Hackney, a college junior.
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Remembering Wally Scheuer: A Dynamo in Film and Life
Murray Lerner

This is the 30th anniversary of the Film Mao to Mozart, and of Isaac’s Stern’s historic trip to China opening it up to the musical West as written up lavishly in a recent New York Times article.

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