Bearing Down on Beach Road
Craig Whitaker
Beach Road is arguably the Island’s most important road; it is certainly the ugliest. The road fronts a harbor once given almost entirely to maritime uses. Many are gone.
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August Day, August Night
Susan Puciul
A poem after Seamus Heaney.
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Not Running But Still Taking Part
Sue Guiney

In August 2014, I wrote a piece in the Gazette about running the Chilmark Road Race for the 21st time.

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Fishing for Memories, Catching the Limit
Bryan Chambala
Cole and I will never be true Islanders, but when we see each other now we are Islanders in our own way.
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Conservation Is a Proactive Force
Phyllis Meras
In the 1970s, Vineyard conservationist Henry Beetle Hough suffered the greatest conservation defeat of his life.
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Stars Align on Assignment With Dad
Emma Lovewell

I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and my father is a photographer for the Gazette who often let me tag along on assignments.

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Wrong Gate With a Suitcase of Memories
Phyllis Meras
It said Gate N63 on my Icelandic Air ticket from Berlin to Boston. Boarding time was 1:23 p.m. As required for an international flight, I had arrived at the airport three hours ahead of time.
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Covering the Island, With Heart and Soul
Sara Brown
On my second night after moving to the Vineyard I heard the Old Whaling Church clock chime out the hour as I was falling asleep.
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Among Improvements, Parking Lags
Robert Rosenbaum
Beyond the already realized improvements, a host of unseen changes and upgrades have occurred.
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Celebrating the Harthaven School of Island Artists
Sam Low
Growing up in Harthaven, I was surrounded by artists — my father and mother for starters.
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