Wet Behind the Ears? Politics Will Towel Them Dry
Arnie Reisman
It was the summer of 1962 in Harvard Square.
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Timeless Times in Harthaven
Sam Low
Harthaven is one of those many remarkable places on Martha’s Vineyard where we feel the presence of our ancestors every day.
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Who Will Mend Me?
Lorraine Parish

Once I was old and glorious. Once my children held tightly together, little stars, all shiny and proud.

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Sleepless From Seattle to the Vineyard
Jeffrey Scheuer
On a recent red-eye flight from Seattle to Newark, I sat up all night looking out from my window seat.
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The Price to Pay to Be on Vineyard Time
David Holahan
We head to Martha’s Vineyard in April for our work week at the rental cottage.
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Border Heartbreak Echoes Past Journey
Marcelle Alves
I moved to the United States from Brazil when I was seven years old. It was all one big shock.
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The Lasting Allure of Fire in the Sky
Ted Sutton

The key ingredient in fireworks was invented in the ninth century by the Chinese to ward off evil spirits.

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There's a Song They Sing When They Take to the Highway
Joe Keenan
For years, my magic carpet has been the thumb of my right hand.
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Game, Set, Match to Gerry De Blois, a True Tennis Visionary
Ronald H. Rappaport
The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School girls’ tennis team just won its fourth state championship in a row.
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Houses Carry Stories in Every Room
Skip Finley
The home at 47 Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs is a house of many stories.
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