Citizen Science at Felix Neck
Felix Neck is once again reaching out to ordinary folks for help with its Citizen Science program.
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Felix Neck Sounds the Call of Nature

Felix Neck is hosting its 37th annual fall festival on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

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Going Native: Growing an Island Garden
Suzan Bellincampi
Whether you see the landscapes of the Vineyard every day or dream about them from afar, one thing is certain — the Island is uniquely beautiful and retains a special, ecological character that many other places have lost. This lasting, natural beauty is due in large part to the native plants that have flourished here, evolving in our landscape for thousands of years. But more and more commonly, invasive, nonnative species are threatening to take over, presenting a danger not only to the look and feel of the Island but also to the countless creatures that call it home.
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