Close-Knit Community Is Key for Charter School Graduates
For the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School class of 2021 — a creative group of nine — a pandemic wasn’t going to define them.
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Island Public Charter School Wins Permission for Expansion
Vineyard Gazette

The Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School has recieved written approval from the Martha's Vineyard Commission (MVC) to add a 36 by 32-foot classroom to its existing facility; a building permit from the town is expected to follow within the next two weeks.

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Charter School Opens for the Year
Julie Dulude

The Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School welcomed 30 new students, a new director and three new teachers last Thursday as it opened for its second year of operation.
The addition of a new class of eight-year-olds is the primary factor accounting for the school's increase in enrollment. Since last year's 14-year-olds will continue on as the 15-year-old age group, the addition brings the school one step closer to reaching its maximum teaching capacity: 180 students ranging in age from five to 19.

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New Teaching Format at Charter School Is Designed to Offer Balanced Education
Julie Dulude

Students at the Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School will receive a more balanced education during the new school's second year thanks to a new teaching format adopted by the staff.

Last year, students studied all the core subjects established by the state, but they did so on an intermittent basis. For example, instead of studying all the core subject areas simultaneously and year-round, a student might have taken English and history during the first trimester, math and a language during the second and science during the third.

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Public Charter School Is Days Away from Island Launch
Yvonne Guzman

In Max Butler's first weeks at school, he will help set up a computer system.

Max, 12, will also join other students of various ages in a writers' workshop. He will take classes called understanding math and algebra, studies in science and problem-solving.

And that's only the first month.

An advisor with the new Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School helped Max design this schedule recently. In coming weeks, they will decide what comes next.

"It's pretty exciting," said Max, of Gay Head. "For the first time ever, I can't really wait to go back to school."

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Open House, Open Minds: Charter School Finds Abundance of Eager New Applicants

Wanda Emin is happy with her children's school. Still, she was one of dozens of parents who showed up this week at an open house for the Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School.

She came, she said, at the urging of Brooke, 13, and Heather, 10.

"We just came with an open mind, and we'll go home and talk about it," Mrs. Emin said, guessing that her daughters are attracted to the school because "what they like is being able to make their own decisions."

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New Charter School Makes Progress

Betsy McIsaac, a long-time seasonal resident, heard that the Vineyard was getting a charter school when she read about it in the paper last summer.

Today, she is part of its educational advisory group. Because Mrs. McIsaac worked as a school administrator for 30 years, her expertise has been greatly appreciated by charter school organizers.

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Vineyard Charter School Committee Forges Ahead

Founders of the Martha's Vineyard Charter School have come a long way and they candidly admit they still have a long way to go before they open the school doors in September 1996.

Martha's Vineyard was one of 21 communities across the state to be granted a charter last March by the state Executive Office of Education under the provisions of the Massachusetts Education Reform Act (ERA).

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Public Charter School Enrollment Diverts $350,000 from Other School Budgets

When 72 Island students move to the new Martha's Vineyard Public Charter School this fall, they will take with them $370,000 from the budgets of other Island schools.

This figure is higher than expected, mainly because a key factor -- the average cost of education at existing schools -- has turned out to be greater than anticipated. State estimates of the average education costs at each Island school were released last week.

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Charter School Serves Students By Innovating
Yvonne Guzman

The classroom is both comfortable and practical. Furnished with stacks of books, a Macintosh computer and a sprawling leather sofa, it is a bright room with windows offering a view of a forest and enough light to nourish three potted plants.

Here, nestled in the giant L-shaped sofa, half a dozen students read novels and write in journals. Some talk quietly, and others work on "dialogue journals." That means they write entries directed to teacher Meredith Collins, then leave the notebooks in a basket, where Miss Collins finds them and writes responses.

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