Oct. 5: Warm and Mostly Sunny

Friday, Oct. 5: Warm and mostly sunny. Temperature rises to the high 70s. Southwest wind picks up in the afternoon. Steady breeze by sunset. A thick bank of fog rolls in over Aquinnah and Chilmark in the early evening. Maritime damp, an evening of sipping hot cider.

Sept. 14: Sunny Morning

Friday, Sept. 14: Sunny morning. Clouds on the increase in the afternoon. Humid and cool. Clouds are dramatic in the late afternoon; a mix of cirrus clouds and cumulus clouds stretch across the western sky. Rain arrives late at night. Stormy night.

Oct. 3: Cool and Fall-like with Variable Clouds and Sun

Friday, Oct. 3: Cool and fall-like with variable clouds and sun. A few passing sprinkles in the afternoon as dark clouds hang over West Tisbury. Gusty winds buffet the north shore, dying down in the evening. Evening sunset casts beautiful long colors across Edgartown harbor. Sweater weather.

August 29: Partly Sunny

Friday, August 29: Partly sunny. An empty Oak Bluffs School sits childless and quiet at noon, soon to change in the days ahead. High flying clouds pass over the school and head over Farm Pond.

Oct. 10: Sunny and Warm

Friday, Oct. 10: Sunny and warm. Lawnmowers sing out in downtown Edgartown. Yellow bittersweet leaves decorate tall trees on Clevelandtown Road. Red poison ivy leaves decorate the edge of a path.

Sept. 19: Partly Sunny

Friday, Sept. 19: Partly sunny. Clouds running along the horizon are threatening. Damp. The air smells of the ocean at South Beach in Edgartown. Rolling surf. Fishermen line the Norton Point opening. Breezy.

Saturday, Sept. 20: Excellent visibility across Nantucket Sound. Large sailboats race in the annual gaff-rigged schooner race. Steady east-northeast wind brings choppy seas off East Chop. Five Corner traffic is light in the afternoon. Topsail schooner Shenandoah sits at her mooring without sails. Bright, sunny afternoon.

Sept. 26: Rain Starts at 4 a.m. and is Often Heavy

Friday, Sept. 26: Rain starts at 4 a.m. and is often heavy. Dark clouds roll in from the South. Intense storm. Rain is heavy in the afternoon. Fog. Shifting easterly breeze. Puddles grow in Vineyard Haven. Five Corners is temporarily flooded between heavy showers. Light rain at the dinner hour.

Sept. 5: Bright and Sunny Summer Day

Friday, Sept. 5: Bright and sunny summer day. Temperature in the 80s. A perfect beach day without the crowds at State Beach in Edgartown. Solitary strollers search the shoreline for shells. Sailboats under tow are taken from Edgartown harbor as preparations for approaching storm pick up speed. Increasing clouds in the afternoon.

Sept. 12: Mostly Sunny in the Morning

Friday, Sept. 12: Mostly sunny in the morning. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Foggy evening.

Saturday, Sept. 13: Heavy rain in Vineyard Haven at dawn. Rain in Oak Bluffs. A small gathering at the Edgartown Lighthouse at 1 p.m. under overcast skies. Light damp breeze. Poor visibility across Nantucket Sound. Fishing boats come in and out of Edgartown harbor in the afternoon.

June 20: A Large Gibbous Moon Hangs Low

Friday, June 20: A large gibbous moon hangs low over the western sky at dawn on the first day of summer. Mostly sunny afternoon. Bicycles speed past Ocean Park towards Edgartown. A small fleet of sailboats crosses Nantucket Sound. Light chop. Orange and red beach towels hang from a Camp Ground backyard clothes line. Light afternoon breeze.