August 15: Hot and Sunny Beach Day

Friday, August 15: Hot and sunny beach day. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Thunderstorms pass to the north and south of the Island in the afternoon. Sun shines occasionally through high altitude clouds. Sunset is muted. A severe, noisy thunderstorm arrives before midnight. Rain is heavy.

August 8: Thunderstorm in the First Hours of the Morning

Friday, August 8: Thunderstorm in the first hours of the morning. Bright lightning fills the skies over Vineyard Haven. Rain is heavy and stops by 3 a.m. The morning is partly cloudy.

July 25: Heavy Rain Overnight

Friday, July 25: Heavy rain overnight. The landscape is dripping wet from a night of thunderstorms. More storms in the afternoon. Loud rumbling thunder echoes through the streets of Vineyard Haven. Large puddles slow nightlife traffic in Oak Bluffs.

August 1: Clear and Sunny Day

Friday, August 1: Clear and sunny day. Clouds hug close to the southern sky over the Atlantic Ocean. Clear skies overhead at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in the afternoon. Clouds obscure the sunset. Light breeze. The Milky Way shines overhead. Jupiter is above the southeastern sky.

August 22: Hundreds Gather for the Draft Horse Pull

Friday, August 22: Hundreds gather at the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society fair for the draft horse pull. The air is dry. The sounds and lights of the carnival rides dominate the grounds late in the afternoon. Fireworks over Oak Bluffs are visible from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven. Afterward lines of headlights and brake lights dominate the Oak Bluffs roads.

June 13: Sunny and Warm

Friday, June 13: Sunny and warm. Not as hot. Temperature rises to the high 70s in the sun. The air is dry and fragrant. Rosa rugosa blooms on small sand dunes at State Beach. Floral display lines the Edgartown-Oak Bluffs road. Beach towels and swimmers color the beach.

June 6: Rain in the Morning

Friday, June 6: Rain in the morning. Clearing skies. Warm. Fog settles over the Vineyard at night. The low dark sound of the Nobska Light foghorn can be heard from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven late at night.

Saturday, June 7: Sunny. Soil is turned over by tractor at Morning Glory Farm. The soil smells fresh and looks dark. Southwest wind shifts to a strong westerly wind. Fly-fishermen line the North Shore in the late afternoon. Pretty sunset.

July 4: Hot and Sunny

Friday, July 4: Hot and sunny. Smoke rises above Vineyard Haven Main street. Temperature rises to the high 70s, hotter in the sun. Firemen sip water under a hot overhead sun. Fourth of July parade takes place under clear hazy skies. Hot and breezy. The harbor is full of boats. Low clouds try to interfere with a spectacular fireworks display.

May 30: Sunny

Friday, May 30: Sunny. Summer weather. Temperature rises to mid-70s. A night for a barbecue. The smell of freshly cooked burgers drifts through downtown Edgartown. Stars make a showing late at night. Cool.

Saturday, May 31: Sunny and dry. High-flying cirrus clouds in the afternoon. A couple walks the beach at Eastville Beach. Ferry Island Home passes off Middle Ground. Fishing boats are adrift in the breaking rip on Middle Ground. Bull frogs sound off a still pond in Chilmark.

May 23: Partly Sunny Morning

Friday, May 23: Partly sunny morning. Edgartown School students march to the sea in the afternoon under bright sunshine. Warm and breezy. Lilacs are in full bloom. Children toss flowers into the harbor as part of annual observance of Memorial Day weekend. Clouds increase. Light rain in the afternoon. Clearing late.