May 30: Sunny

Friday, May 30: Sunny. Summer weather. Temperature rises to mid-70s. A night for a barbecue. The smell of freshly cooked burgers drifts through downtown Edgartown. Stars make a showing late at night. Cool.

Saturday, May 31: Sunny and dry. High-flying cirrus clouds in the afternoon. A couple walks the beach at Eastville Beach. Ferry Island Home passes off Middle Ground. Fishing boats are adrift in the breaking rip on Middle Ground. Bull frogs sound off a still pond in Chilmark.

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May 23: Partly Sunny Morning

Friday, May 23: Partly sunny morning. Edgartown School students march to the sea in the afternoon under bright sunshine. Warm and breezy. Lilacs are in full bloom. Children toss flowers into the harbor as part of annual observance of Memorial Day weekend. Clouds increase. Light rain in the afternoon. Clearing late.

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June 27: Hot and Muggy Afternoon

Friday, June 27: Hot and muggy afternoon. Temperature reaches the mid-80s. A gentle breeze in the Manuel F. Correllus State Forest. Bicyclists speed along the path. Daylilies and tiger lilies line the road in North Tisbury. Late-afternoon strollers on Main street in Vineyard Haven. Less hot. Fog late.

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July 18: Hot and Muggy

Friday, July 18: Hot and muggy. Temperature rises to the high 80s in the shade, hotter on Ocean Park. Oak Bluffs harbor is a kettle full of boats and waves. Breezy afternoon offers relief from the heat. Youthful swimmers jump off the Big Bridge all afternoon.

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July 11: Sunny and Warm

Friday, July 11: Sunny and warm. Tiger lilies and daylilies are in full bloom in a Vineyard Haven backyard. The sky is deep blue in the morning. Hazy sunshine in the afternoon. In Edgartown, sailboats return from a day of sailing in the afternoon.

Saturday, July 12: Calm morning on Nantucket Sound. More than 30 boats sit idle off Chappaquiddick awaiting the start of a race around the Island. Blue skies overhead and blue water beneath. A puff of wind fills spinnakers at the start. Hot. Partly cloudy night.

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May 16: Warm Morning

Friday, May 16: Warm morning. Temperature close to the 60s. Rainy afternoon. Heavy showers pass over the Vineyard at the dinner hour. Cool damp evening. Bustling traffic at Five Corners as wet weekenders come off the boat pulling heavy baggage.

Saturday, May 17: A dramatic change comes to a stormy rainy morning. Clear skies from the west arrive bringing warm, summerlike sunshine. By afternoon the skies are clear and the air is warm. A beach-walking afternoon. Breezy along the shore.

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June 5: Rain

Friday, June 5: Rain. Rosa rugosa flowers decorate the edge of the Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. Rhododendrons are in full bloom all around the Vineyard, from Polly Hill Arboretum to Chappaquiddick. Rain showers in the evening, some are heavy.

Saturday, June 6: Overcast breezy morning. A catboat tries to beat the current in Edgartown harbor. Overhead, clouds start to break. The wind lightens in the afternoon. Light breeze in afternoon. Blue skies in the late afternoon.

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August 7: Clear and Sunny

Friday, August 7: Clear and sunny. Catboat heads out of Edgartown harbor. Northwest wind in the morning drops to a light shifting breeze after lunch. Calm afternoon. Nantucket Sound offers sharp visibility. In the late afternoon high flying cirrus clouds appear as thin whisps of pink cotton candy overhead.

Saturday, August 8: Light southwest wind in the morning. Sailboats in Nantucket Sound are becalmed. Increasing fair weather clouds. Cumulus clouds hug the western horizon. Fast ferry speeds across the Sound and leaves behind a long white wake.

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August 14: West Tisbury Agricultural Society Field is Damp from Overnight Rain

Friday, August 14: West Tisbury Agricultural Society field is damp from overnight rain. Rising sun casts long shadows on the vacant fairgrounds. Temperature reaches the 80s in the sun.

Saturday, August 15: Dog days of July in August. The morning is sunny. Light southwest breeze pushes sailboats out of Edgartown harbor. Herreshoff sailors congregate in the water off the Edgartown Lighthouse for a day of racing.

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July 24: Overnight Heavy Rain

Friday, July 24: Overnight heavy rain. Morning sunshine. High wind warning over Vineyard waters. Large 15-foot seas offshore. Strong southerly breeze keeps most of the shark tournament boats tied up in the harbor. Late afternoon turns sunny and warm. Wildflowers dot a field at Sweetened Water Farm. Late afternoon is quiet on Lagoon Pond.

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