July 17: Bright Sunny and Muggy Day

Friday, July 17: Bright sunny and muggy day. Temperatures reach 84 degrees, marking the first time the Island has broken 80 this summer. Sunny. Vineyard beaches fill with Island visitors. Joseph Sylvia State Beach is dotted with colorful beach umbrellas. Dozens of swimmers line up to jump from the Big Bridge into the channel.

June 26: Rainy Afternoon

Friday, June 26: Rainy afternoon. Damp dripping landscape at Norton Farm. Long branches hang wet and low over the State Forest bicycle path.

August 21: Hot in Downtown Vineyard Haven

Friday, August 21: Hot in downtown Vineyard Haven. Secret Service vehicles roll out of the ferry Island Home in early afternoon. Asphalt parking lot is hot to the touch. Police officer waves cars through an already crowded Five Corners. Hazy hot afternoon. Two large helicopters speed over the town. Clear evening.

July 10: Clear, Sunny

Friday, July 10: Clear, sunny. A light southwest wind in the afternoon. High speed boats round East Chop and head toward Oak Bluffs. Excellent visibility. The wind lightens. Calm before sunset. Not a puff of air after sunset. Lagoon Pond is flat calm and reflects the warm colorful tapestry of the setting sun.

Friday, July 3: Mostly Sunny

Friday, July 3: Mostly sunny. Deep blue skies overhead. Changing clouds overhead. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. Crowds of vacationers come off the ferry Island Home in Vineyard Haven late. Long lines of headlights speed up State Road.

July 31: Partly Cloudy

Friday, July 31: Partly cloudy. Clouds darken. Skies are threatening. Heavy rain arrives late. The sound of large raindrops sound off on a Vineyard Haven roof.

May 29: Mostly Overcast

Friday, May 29: Mostly overcast. Skies darken as storm clouds pass overhead. Occasional rain. A midafternoon heavy shower. Pools of rainwater on the street have streaks of yellow pollen. Skies start to clear before sunset. Partly cloudy at night.

June 19: Overcast, Gray Day

Friday, June 19: Overcast, gray day. High humidity. Downtown Water street Vineyard Haven is bustling with pedestrian traffic in the afternoon. Clouds lighten. Brief sunshine. Clouds thicken late.

August 6: Partly Sunny

Friday, August 6: Partly sunny. A muggy afternoon. Temperature in the high 80s. Seven 12-metre sailboats are rafting at the Edgartown Yacht Club, under clear skies.

August 13: Hazy Morning

Friday, August 13: Hazy morning. East wind. Temperature rises to the high 70s. Sunny. Fair weather cumulus clouds over Telegraph Hill. Starry night.

Saturday, August 14: Cool morning. Air is crisp. Temperature starts in the mid 50s. A bright-clear-sunny, late summer day. The air is dry. High flying cirrus clouds move slowly over the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market. A cloud of dust follows a car driving down a dirt road. A small parade of motorcycles head up-Island in the afternoon.