June 12: Wet Morning

Friday, June 12: Wet morning. Infrequent showers. A day for umbrellas, parkas and sweaters on Main street in Edgartown. Choppy harbor, fast moving current. Occasional bursts of sunshine. Pansies and bright red geraniums decorate flower boxes. Cool evening.

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June 5: Rain

Friday, June 5: Rain. Rosa rugosa flowers decorate the edge of the Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. Rhododendrons are in full bloom all around the Vineyard, from Polly Hill Arboretum to Chappaquiddick. Rain showers in the evening, some are heavy.

Saturday, June 6: Overcast breezy morning. A catboat tries to beat the current in Edgartown harbor. Overhead, clouds start to break. The wind lightens in the afternoon. Light breeze in afternoon. Blue skies in the late afternoon.

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May 29: Mostly Overcast

Friday, May 29: Mostly overcast. Skies darken as storm clouds pass overhead. Occasional rain. A midafternoon heavy shower. Pools of rainwater on the street have streaks of yellow pollen. Skies start to clear before sunset. Partly cloudy at night.

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August 13: Hazy Morning

Friday, August 13: Hazy morning. East wind. Temperature rises to the high 70s. Sunny. Fair weather cumulus clouds over Telegraph Hill. Starry night.

Saturday, August 14: Cool morning. Air is crisp. Temperature starts in the mid 50s. A bright-clear-sunny, late summer day. The air is dry. High flying cirrus clouds move slowly over the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market. A cloud of dust follows a car driving down a dirt road. A small parade of motorcycles head up-Island in the afternoon.

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August 6: Partly Sunny

Friday, August 6: Partly sunny. A muggy afternoon. Temperature in the high 80s. Seven 12-metre sailboats are rafting at the Edgartown Yacht Club, under clear skies.

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July 30: Clouds Break in the Morning

Friday, July 30: Clouds break in the morning. Sunny. Perfect day for the beach.

Saturday, July 31: Not as hot. The air in the morning is autumnal. Temperature rises to the mid-70s. Low humidity. Tomatoes ripen on the vine in Vineyard Haven. Tiger lilies in full bloom in a backyard garden. Shields sailboats race in the outer Edgartown harbor with a stiff breeze from the southwest.

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July 23: Partly Cloudy

Friday, July 23: Partly cloudy. Muggy and hot. Temperature in the mid-80s. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Heavy rain arrives at night, clearing the Edgartown Main street of pedestrians. Loud thunder.

Saturday, July 24: Early morning thunderstorm. Partly cloudy. Periods of hot sunshine. Clouds increase in the afternoon. Thunderstorm in the afternoon. Skies clear on the horizon at dusk. Mostly overcast late.

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July 16: Sunny

Friday, July 16: Sunny. More than a dozen large sailboats race to the west side of East Chop in midmorning. Mostly blue skies. A couple seated on beach towels at Owen Park pass the sunscreen. Muggy in town. Breezy afternoon on the water. A sailor’s festival under a tent takes over Owen Park in late afternoon. Steel drum music coincides with a colorful sunset.

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July 9: A Hot and Clear Day

Friday, July 9: A hot and clear day. A dog day in July. Lawns in Edgartown are burnt amber: the grass crunches underfoot. A light breeze in the afternoon. Breeze lightens in the afternoon. Long lines for ice cream cones in a North Water street, Edgartown shop.

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July 2: Sunny and Warm

Friday, July 2: Sunny and warm. Morning Glory Farm pickers are out in the fields early picking lettuce, all wearing hats. Some fields are watered by a huge powerful water gun.

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