June 25: Summer Has a Foothold on the Vineyard

Friday, June 25: Summer has a foothold on the Vineyard. Bright sunshine, warm with temperature rising to the 80s in the sun. A stiff breeze on the water.

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June 18: Sunny and Summer-Like

Friday, June 18: Sunny and summer-like. Rosa rugosa in full bloom along the Beach Road in Edgartown. Youngsters splash water at the State Beach, under the guarded eye of parents wading nearby. Children jump from the Big Bridge. Temperature reaches the 80s.

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May 28: Bright Sunny Day

Friday, May 28: Bright sunny day. Temperature in the 60s. A brisk breeze on the water. Edgartown children march down to Memorial Wharf, many carrying flowers. Under deep blue skies, they tossed flowers into the harbor. The sound of Taps can be heard along Dock street.

Saturday, May 29: Thick fog in Edgartown. Skies clear by 9 a.m. Warm and summer-like. Boats arrive in Edgartown harbor. Customers, with smiling and sun-burned faces show up at the Stop & Shop. Hazy skies in the late afternoon. Temperature drops down to the 50s at night.

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May 21: Summer-Like Weather

Friday, May 21: Summer-like weather. The weekend opens with clear skies and high flying cirrus clouds. Temperature rises to the 70s, warmer at Five Corners, where cars coming off the ferry slow traffic. Rosa rugosa are in full bloom along the Beach Road in Edgartown. Breezy afternoon.

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July 13: Bright Sunny

Friday, July 13: Bright sunny. Hot. The brown grass on a lawn in downtown Oak Bluffs crunches underfoot. Surrounded by big and little boats, the ferry Island Queen arrives in the late afternoon and slips in and out of a bustling harbor, Sunset silhouettes masts, flag poles and the steeple atop the Tabernacle.

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June 29: Hot and Sunny

Friday, June 29: Hot and sunny. Dog days of July arrive in June. Oppressively hot at the Triangle in Edgartown. A gentle breeze in Edgartown harbor.

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June 22: Hot and Steamy

Friday, June 22: Hot and steamy. Temperature rises to the 90s in the shade. Partly sunny. Two fast 52-foot high tech sailboats are tied up at the Edgartown Yacht Club clubhouse. Pennants overhead roll in a steady light breeze. Sailing in the afternoon light steady breeze. Pretty evening sunset, with crimson clouds hugging the horizon well into the early evening.

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May 18: Sunny

Friday, May 18: Sunny. Deep blue skies. Lilacs in bloom in Vineyard Haven. Bright red geraniums in window boxes in Edgartown. Lawnmowers sing duets in the afternoon. Lawns are lush. Grass cuttings color a sidewalk green.

Saturday, May 19: Light breeze in the morning. Early fishing boats bob up and down on the Middle Ground. Hot inland. Temperature in the shade rises to the high 60s. Cooler at the Bend in the Road Beach. Clear in the afternoon. A steady, brisk east wind at Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs. Ideal kite-flying breeze.

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