Vineyard Reality TV Show Will Film in Menemsha

The crowds that gather in Menemsha to watch the sunset will have the added company of a film crew come May.

At their meeting Tuesday, the Chilmark selectmen approved filming dates for the ABC Family reality TV show The Vineyard to film on the public beach. The filming will take place on May 11, 18, 23 and 30, and June 5 and 10 between 4 and 8 p.m. The beach will remain open to the public.

Reality Show Aims to Blend Not Blemish

As spring arrives on the Vineyard, so will the reality TV crews.

According to a letter sent to Island town administrators, filming for the ABC Family reality TV show The Vineyard will take place May 5 through June 29.

Word came in February that the The Vineyard, announced as a docu-soap-reality show chronicling the lives of a group of 18 to 24-year olds, would be filming on the Island. The show is set to premiere on July 24 and production crews came to the Island and Boston in February for closed casting calls.

Reality Is Whatever You Make It, Say Potential TV Cast Members

As the controversy over a reality show hitting Vineyard shores swirled around the Island last week, potential cast members defended their decision to audition for the docu-soap in order to depict “the real Vineyard.” News of the slated reality show, which goes by the working title The Vineyard, spurred pointed criticism on social media and the Gazette website, with hundreds of Islanders and visitors alike saying they feared the show would portray a false, glossy representation of Island life.

Chilmark Actor Joins TV Cast

Lenny Clarke steals doughnuts from co-workers' desks, sleeps in the office when his sister in law is visiting and would rather nap than watch for crooks. At least that's the case when he's playing detective Frank Harrigan on the new comedy, The Job, that debuts Wednesday, March 14 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC. In real life, Mr. Clarke drinks tea, enjoys a daily swim in the summer and is a year-round Chilmark resident.

PBS Series on Baby Boomers Has Designs on Lorraine Parish

Lorraine Parish has been an Island fashion presence for nearly three decades, but it was her personal spirit rather than her designer’s eye which last month put her in front of a film crew, shooting the pilot for a television series on baby boomers.

The hour-long Public Broadcasting System (PBS) show, yet untitled, is being edited for broadcast in Boston area. Laurie Donnelly, executive producer of the pilot and for lifestyle entertainment at Boston’s WGBH-TV, is teaming up with AARP magazine to chronicle the lives of boomers today.

Louise Sweet Featured

Louise Sweet Featured

Louise Sweet of Flowers On The Vineyard will featured for her work on the Style Network this month. It can be seen on cable channel 119 Tuesday nights at 9 p.m., or go to and click on weddings away, then destination weddings, then Martha’s Vineyard.

Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

Dan Aykroyd on UFOs

Plum Martha’s Vineyard will broadcast an interview with comedian and writer Dan Aykroyd about his research on aliens and UFO sightings. The program will be shown on Channel 76 at various times this week. It also is available on the Plum Web site,

Plum Lunch

Plum Lunch

Plum is readying a new summer show Creative Lunch hosted by ad-man Richard Kirshenbaum, founder of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. Mr. Kirshenbaum has helped develop such brands as Kenneth Cole, Snapple and Target and is regularly featured in the New York Times, Wired and as a commentator in US Weekly’s Fashion Police section.

Vineyard Politics Now Available on Demand


The Vineyard’s public access community cable station MVTV will provide a video on-demand service for Island political meetings. Denys Wortman, president of the public access cable station, announced last Friday that the service is under way, though still in its early stages.

Plum Streams Live

Plum Streams Live

Plum TV, Comcast channel 76, announces live streaming on

Plum TV is a network of eight stations around the country featuring local TV from destinations such as Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, Vail and Miami Beach.