It was only a few weeks ago that Venus was high in the western sky at sunset. We got a number of calls from observers who wondered what that bright planet was residing high in the west after sunset. Tonight you can’t find it in the night sky.

Old Full Moon

The one-day old Full Moon appears tonight in the zodiacal constellation Libra. The moon is already moving into the constellations we associate with summer. On Sunday night, the moon appears low in the Southern sky, in the zodiacal constellation Scorpius. The red star Antares appears nearby.

Moon Amid the Planets

The crescent moon moves amid the planets early in the week, but only early-morning risers will have the best view.

Fleeting Mercury

The hardest planet to see could be easy to spot tonight and tomorrow night. Mercury appears low in the southwestern sky after sunset, in the familiar star cluster Pleiades.

Honey Moon

Tomorrow is the full moon, known this month as the Honey Moon. The moon rises in the east at about the time the sun sets in the west and is in the zodiacal constellation Libra.

Rings High Above

The ringed planet Saturn hangs high in the evening sky. On one of the clearest evenings the Vineyard has had this month, we had no trouble finding the planet right under the zodiacal constellation Leo. The planet is not as bright as we’ve seen in past years.

Crescent Moon

A thin crescent moon will appear low in the western sky early in the evening on Monday. Only those with an excellent view of the western sky have a good chance of seeing it then, so consider a beach stroll at Menemsha, an ideal spot.

Strawberry Moon

Sunday night’s full moon appears in the zodiacal constellation Scorpius. It is time for the Strawberry Moon. This is as far south as the Full Moon gets and it always takes place in June. Just as astronomers report that the noontime sun is at the highest on the day of summer solstice, the full moon of June is always the lowest full moon of the year.

Moon and Jupiter

Tomorrow night’s gibbous moon appear close to the bright planet Jupiter in the southeastern sky. The two rise in the east well before midnight. Both are in the zodiacal constellation Capricornus.

Moon and Planets

Tomorrow morning offers a pretty sight close to the eastern horizon. The crescent moon appears in the light of dawn, to the east of the planets Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars appear as a close pair, only two degrees apart. Venus is the brighter of the two planets. Mars is a dull red.