Moon and Anglers

A thin crescent moon appears close to the ringed planet Saturn low in the southeastern sky prior to sunrise tomorrow morning. Early morning risers will likely spot the two.

Crescent Moon and Venus

A thin crescent moon appears low in the southwestern sky tonight, not far from the bright planet Venus. Venus is in the zodiacal constellation Libra and the moon is in Scorpius.

Moon and Planets

Tonight’s gibbous moon hovers in the southeastern sky early in the evening. The moon is in the zodiacal constellation Capricornus. Farther south and slightly to the west there is the bright planet Jupiter.

Shooting Stars

The last quarter moon will interfere with observing the Orionid meteor shower on Tuesday morning, but there may be a few to be seen before moonrise. Meteors, often referred to as shooting stars, will appear to come from the rising constellation Orion, which is low in the southeast late at night.


The bright planet Venus hangs low in the southwestern sky tonight. Venus has appeared nightly in the southwest for weeks now but the show improves. Venus is moving farther from the glare of the setting sun and is easier to spot in darker skies.

Moon and Planets

Show time is tonight and it continues through Monday night. The thin crescent moon passes by two planets in the nights ahead.


The week ahead offers perfect moonless nights. There is a New Moon on Thanksgiving, so for the coming week the moon resides only in the early morning sky.

Moon and Planets

The performance of the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter drew a lot of attention on Monday night. The three celestial objects formed a perfect triangle, close together, high in the western sky after sunset. Anyone outside couldn’t miss the show as it lasted until all three set in the west. Venus is brighter than Jupiter.

Moon and Planets

The performance by Venus and Jupiter has probably gotten your attention. The two planets are close together and setting in the west, soon after the sun. The show gets even better in the nights ahead.

Jupiter and Venus

The two brightest planets in our evening sky, are now appearing together. For those with a good view of the western sky, Venus and Jupiter are a pretty sight and it gets better in the nights ahead. By the end of the month, Venus and Jupiter will be the talk of the town, appearing as a tight pair.