Effort Underway to Save Chappaquiddick Home on Eroded Bluff
Sara Brown

Wasque Point is a remote place; this is the far southeastern corner of Chappaquiddick, an island off an island. The name comes from the Algonquin word Wannasque, which means “the ending.” Where the land ends, there is nothing but Atlantic Ocean, dotted with flocks of scoters bobbing where the waves break, and then it’s ocean as far as the eye can see.

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Erosion at Wasque Threatens Home
Sara Brown
With the southwestern Wasque shoreline eroding at a rapid rate that is being termed “unprecedented, significant and unanticipated,” the Edgartown conservation commission this week granted emergency certification allowing the owners of a Chappaquiddick home to take immediate steps to protect their home from the encroaching sea.
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Beachgoers to Face Prospect Of a Summer Without Wasque
Remy Tumin

The Trustees of Reservations may be forced to close Wasque Reservation this summer if the erosion which has ravaged the southeastern corner of the Chappaquiddick reservation continues at the current rate, superintendent Chris Kennedy told the Edgartown conservation commission on Wednesday night.

Mr. Kennedy said there is a very real possibility that the parking lot at Wasque used by visitors for beach access will be gone by summer.

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An Elegy for Wasque, Eroded and Closed
Brad Woodger

Wasque is gone.

A great human conceit is to measure time in lifetimes. Regardless of what has existed long before us, and what will exist long after — our time is our time. So Wasque, as we know her, is gone. She may come back, may reform or even expand, but not in our lifetime. So we mourn her passing from our lives.

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As Severe Erosion Takes Its Toll, Summer Closure Planned for Wasque Point
Peter Brannen

For the first time in living memory, Wasque Point on Chappaquiddick, a famed spot where riptides attract thousands of saltwater fishermen each year, will be inaccessible for much of the summer. The reason is the ferocious erosion now eating away huge chunks of the southeastern corner of Chappaquiddick at a rapid rate. The once-wide sandy beach at Wasque Point has been replaced by 20 to 28-foot sheer cliffs, with truckloads of uprooted pine and oak trees stuck in the crashing surf at their base.

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Breach Narrows At Norton Point, May Close This Year
Mark Alan Lovewell

The Norton Point Beach breach may close as early as this year, an event that would bring to an end a dramatic, five-year phenomenon that has eaten away large chunks of the southeastern corner of Chappaquiddick, according to a top regional expert in coastal erosion.

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