WMVY at 20: Broadcasting a Soundtrack for Island Life

Barbara Dacey knows what keeps a song on the radio. For the past 18 years, she's worked at WMVY, sifting through popular music and engineering a special blend of tunes for the eclectic Island radio station.

The station is throwing itself a 20th birthday party at the Hot Tin Roof on Thursday, June 12, with singer/songwriters Dar Williams and Patty Larkin. The event is aimed at dedicated listeners, as tickets are not for sale, but are being given away over the air.

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Radio Station WMVY Online Shares Reprieve in Fee Hikes

Barbara Dacey is relieved.

A temporary eleventh-hour agreement last weekend between radio webcasters and a record industry royalty collection organization ensures that Internet-based streaming radio stations will operate under existing royalty fees. Meanwhile, negotiation continues between webcasters and Sound Exchange, which collects royalties for the Recording Industry Association of America.

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From Reels to Real Success Story at Studio MVY

25 years marks a silver anniversary. But after spending nearly a quarter century at the microphone, Barbara Dacey’s memories are colored gold. “She was dressed beautifully. She was wearing this big hat and walked into the door in a way that was very dramatic,” said Ms. Dacey, the curly-haired woman who first knocked on the Vineyard Haven doors of radio station 92.7 FM herself in 1981.

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Songs in the Key of Barbara Dacey’s Life

The blue front door of radio station WMVY looks like a relic from colonial times. Its last coat of paint was perhaps slapped on before the day in 1986 when a young singer from Wellesley and then Cambridge named Barbara Dacey first knocked on it. Once inside the small studio, she offered to do some unpaid on-air commercials as a way of auditioning for some work.

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Benefit Concert at Nectar’s to Support WMVY radio

Back to the Island - An Evening For Friends of WMVY radio begins at 8 p.m. Thursday at Nectar’s by the airport with performances by Livingston Taylor, Mike Benjamin, Sabrina and Groover, Jason Spooner Trio, The Daytrippers and Jemima James and Dan Waters.

There is no set admission fee for the benefit, but attendees are being asked to pay what they can. Proceeds will benefit the not-for-profit arm of WMVY that supports free streaming of all programming online at mvyradio.com.

For details, call 508-221-5778 or visit mvyradio.com.

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