The Time Machine, created in 2016, is the first public showcase of a multi-year effort to digitize the Vineyard Gazette’s extensive archive of Vineyard history, which dates to 1846, the year the Gazette was founded.  The collections shown here represent some of the Gazette's most popular historical content. Each collection will be expanded, and new collections will be added over time. We welcome suggestions from the public for collections they would like to see featured.

The Vineyard Gazette has as part of its mission to create and maintain a historical record of the Island and make it accessible to students, scholars and other members of the community. The Gazette works closely with the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, as well as other individuals and groups dedicated to preserving and promoting the Island’s history and culture.

The core team responsible for creating the Time Machine included Paul Schneider, editor of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine; Hilary Wall, librarian; Sara Brown, news editor of the Vineyard Gazette; Graham Smith, webmaster; Steve Durkee, director of design for the Gazette; Susan Catling, special projects coordinator; and Tom Dunlop, co-founder of the Historic Movies of Martha's Vineyard Project. Invaluable assistance was also provided by Alley Moore, Alyssa Lodge, Laura Brown, Nicole Mercier and David Foster.

Some photography appears courtesy of the Duncan Caldwell/Harris Collection, Jeffrey Serusa, Martha's Vineyard Museum, Nantucket Historical Society and the U.S. Coast Guard Station Menemsha. Special thanks to photographers Alison Shaw, Peter Simon, Mark Lovewell, Ivy Ashe, Ray Ewing, Jaxon White, Wayne Smith and Timothy Johnson.

The Time Machine utilizes open source software developed by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University.