Hurricanes and Storms

Hurricane Slashes the Vineyard, Inflicts Deep Wounds Everywhere

The back road between Edgartown and Vineyard Haven seemed to have weathered the storm pretty well, bordered by sturdy scrub oak. However, as the road nears Vineyard Haven, the taller trees in the vicinity took a severe beating and consequently, so did the power lines.
In Vineyard Haven, Beach road was inundated and was still impassable in the middle of the afternoon. Merchants with businesses on the road, who appeared to start a day’s work, soon found that they were marooned throughout the morning and part of the afternoon. Beach street was also flooded.

Salvaged from Storm, for Use as Hotel Annex

The Kelley House garden in Edgartown resumes a portion of its former beauty as it is cleared of the wreckage of the hurricane, and the setting has changed through the addition of two annex buildings increasing the capacity of the ancient hotel.

Vineyard Sound Lightship Goes Down with All Hands

The Vineyard Sound lightship was lost with all hands the night  of the hurricane. The luckless vessel, with a crew of eleven, was at her station off the tip of Cuttyhunk in Vineyard Sound, when she was presumably overwhelmed, with no chance to radio a message of her approaching fate and ask for aid.

Hurricane Damage on Vineyard Goes Into the Millions

Martha’s Vineyard awoke on Friday morning to witness such a scene of destruction and wreckage as the Island never saw before. This is the literal truth, since never before has the Island owned so much property along the shores and waterfronts, susceptible to damage by sea and tide.

Score of Boats Swept Past Edgartown Light

“It was heartbreaking to see those boats go to pieces,” Capt. Fred Vidler, keeper of the Edgartown Harbor Light said yesterday. He was speaking of the boats, torn from their moorings in Edgartown harbor, which were carried by the current against the lighthouse bridge at the height of the storm. As soon as the craft hit the bridge they seemed to go to pieces like matchwood.
From the lighthouse yesterday afternoon it was possible to see at least nine wrecked boats from the harbor entrance all the way to Cape Pogue.

Hurricane of 1938 Was Devastating: Storm Obliterated Menemsha

Swept by a hurricane the velocity of which has been estimated at a hundred miles an hour at brief periods, and which surpassed anything of the sort that has ever struck the Island from a southerly point, Martha’s Vineyard presented a scene of disaster on Wednesday night. There was one death. Several persons were injured and the storm caused a loss of property that may easily total half a million dollars.
The total destruction of the Menemsha waterfront was the outstanding property damage of the storm.

Fiercest August Storm for Fifty Years Sweeps Over Vineyard

The terrific north-easterly storm which swept the eastern Massachusetts coast on Tuesday was felt with unusual severity on the Vineyard.

The Line Gale, or What?

The southerly gale of this morning developed between seven and eight o’clock at almost the proportions of a hurricane.
Fortunately for the harbor front the tide was not high, else much damage to piers, etc., might have resulted.
No damage of moment has been reported.

A Terrific Storm Sweeps the Coast, Causing Many Wrecks and Loss of Life

Saturday night and most of Sunday the fiercest storm in many years prevailed over the northern and eastern part of the country. The damage by the storm will aggregate several millions of dollars along the entire New England coast, not to mention the loss inland. Sea-faring men declare that not in the last half century has there been a gale so severe to shipping interests as this.

Water Spout off Oak Bluffs

On Wednesday, the 19th about 1 o'clock p.m., there appeared over the waters of the sound, a wonderful phenomenon, such as only occurs but once in a life time, indeed, one may cross the ocean many times and not witness anything to compare with this. We refer to three water spouts, the second and grandest of which, we shall try to describe.