Vineyard Gazette History

Gutenburg to Computers: Gazette Printing Keeps Up With Changing Technology

There’s little to record in the history of the printer’s art between the invention of movable type in the early 1400s by Johannes Gutenberg and the first publication of the Vineyard Gazette some four hundred years later. In fact, if Joe Gutenberg could have been brought back to stand in front of the old Adams press still on display in the Gazette’s downstairs museum area, he certainly could have printed the first papers himself.
Gutenberg’s great invention was actually the precision molds from which bits of metal type could be mass-produced.

The Gazette Launches Web Site on the Internet

The Vineyard Gazette has established a Worldwide Web page on the Internet. This service for customers and friends of the Vineyard gives readers from here and abroad an opportunity to connect to the newspaper in a new way.

Transition at the Gazette: Computers Revolutionize Production Process

For the Vineyard Gazette, the change to a new production computer system this spring has been as profound as the transition, two decades ago, from hot metal type to offset printing.

Gazette Purchases Martha’s Vineyard Glossy Magazine

The Vineyard Gazette announced late yesterday the purchase of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine from WEM Publishing Inc. The newspaper will take control of the magazine effective June 1.
William E. Marks, publisher and founder of the five-year-old publication, will bring out his last issue of the magazine late this month.

The Gazette Announces New Publishers; Posts Go to Editor and General Manager

The Vineyard Gazette today announced new publishers for the newspaper in changes that take effect immediately.

Richard Reston, presently editor in chief of the newspaper, assumes The position and added responsibilities of editor and publisher of the Vineyard Gazette.

Mary Jo Reston, now the newspaper’s general manager, moves up to the role of publisher and general manager, with full responsibility for the financial affairs of the Gazette.

Nuts and Bolts of This Computer System Prompt Case of Word Processing Willies

Just in time for Christmas shopping, a letter arrived this week from the Harris Corporation, makers of the typesetting equipment we use at the Gazette to produce the words you’re reading now.

An introductory note explained that the Composition and Controls Division at Harris has cut prices on a number of spare parts -- “items which exceed our forecasted requirements.” We think that means nobody’s buying them.

Gazette Finishes Restoration in Historic Expansion

The Vineyard Gazette this week completed its first major building expansion and renovation at South Summer street and Davis Lane in Edgartown, the newspaper’s home since early 1939. This Sunday, as the newspaper enters its 139th year of publishing without missing a single issue, the Gazette will open its doors to all the Vineyard community from noon to 5 p.m. for a house warming and public inspection.

Past Gazette Homes Recall Tracings of Island Life

Everything, including our culture, was very old fashioned in 1920. The location of the Gazette office, even, was on the second floor of a building, long since replaced by the liquor store and real estate modernities at the Four Corners, so called, at Main and North and South Water streets in Edgartown.

The Gazette Office Lurches into the Future Where Computers Hum and Screens Glow

Almost in time for last week’s printing deadlines, the Vineyard Gazette dragged its typesetting technology, kicking and scratching, into the age of high-speed computers. Except for a few pieces of the almanac listings, all the news in the April 16 edition was typeset on a microprocessor-based system manufac­tured by the Harris Corporation.

We're Back Home Again, Bigger and Faster and Softer

This morning’s Gazette is the first printed on our new Goss Community offset press. It’s also the first to be printed on the Island in the familiar South Summer street shop since January 31, when we abandoned the hot metal-letterpress printing process in use at the Gazette for half a century. Since then the paper has been printed for us by commercial printers in Arlington.