Americans with Disabilities Act

Islanders Living With Disabilities Navigate Barriers

No one knows how many Islanders are living with disabilities. But disparate groups are now coming together in a new advocacy coalition.

Ailing Edgartown Courthouse Set for Upgrade

Prodded by a superior court judge, the Dukes County commission this week approved funds to restore wheelchair access to the courthouse.

Edgartown Rejects Restaurant's Wheelchair-Access Plan, Denies Schifter Request

Edgartown selectmen Monday turned down 11 North restaurant’s proposal to make the restaurant wheelchair accessible, with selectmen and town officials saying they didn’t like the plan to use town property for a wheelchair ramp and chastising the restaurant for not dealing with the issue earlier.

Disabilities Leaders Hit Boat Line with Access Complaints

There is no access for people with disabilities on the New Bedford passenger ferry Schamonchi, and a Cape Cod advocacy group recently filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation about the problem.

Spokesmen for the Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled (CORD) said yesterday they filed the complaint after months of unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the Steamship Authority about the problem.