Aquinnah special town meeting

Aquinnah Zips Through Special Town Meeting

Aquinnah voters zipped through a special town meeting Saturday afternoon, unanimously approving a series of year-end spending transfers

Aquinnah Takes Up Year-End Spending at Special Town Meeting

Preliminary funding for a town hall renovation project is on the docket when Aquinnah convenes a special town meeting Saturday afternoon. The meeting begins at 1 p.m. inside the town hall.

Aquinnah Meeting Adjourns to Later Date

Aquinnah fell 10 voters short of a quorum for a special town meeting Tuesday night. The meeting will be rescheduled, town officials said.

Aquinnah Voters Take Up Legal Spending at Special Town Meeting

Faced with rising legal expenses on more than one front, Aquinnah will hold a special town meeting Tuesday to see if voters will transfer $125,000 into the town’s 2020 legal budget.

High School Spending Tops Three Special Town Meetings

High school spending will again be the focus of three special town meetings next week, and while the school year is winding down, scrutiny of school finances is showing no sign of letup.

Aquinnah Backs Spending for Athletic Fields Work

Aquinnah became the fifth and final town to approve the use of surplus funds for design work on the high school athletic fields overhaul.

Aquinnah Voters Zip Through Two Special Town Meetings

With a quorum finally reached, Aquinnah voters dispatched with not one but two special town meetings on Wednesday night.

Aquinnah Voters Adopt Rules on Wind Turbines

After nearly two years of rejections and revisions, Aquinnah voters agreed at a special town meeting on Tuesday night to adopt a bylaw to regulate private and public wind turbines. Crafted as an amendment to the townwide district of critical planning concern, the bylaw is the first of its kind to be adopted on the Vineyard.

But approval did not come without a wide-ranging debate that was at times passionate.

“If you believe in global warming, I think you should pass this,” declared selectman Jim Newman.