Aquinnah Town Column

Aquinnah Town Column: March 5

Spring is in the air and a mere two weeks away.

Aquinnah Town Column: Feb. 12

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter.

Aquinnah Town Column: Feb. 5

he northeaster came and went with very little resulting damage in its path.

Aquinnah Town Column: Jan. 27

News from around Aquinnah.

Aquinnah Town Column: Jan. 6

As we begin the new year, the skies have been grey and overcast, wih occasional showers, a crisp cold in the air and temperatures dipping into sub-freezing during the night.

Aquinnah Town Column

Blue skies, sun and temperatures reasonable for this time of the year. At least the climate is not that of what is going on in Washington, D.C.

Aquinnah Town Column: Dec. 25

The snow did not last for the week as expected for presenting a white Christmas but it was nice for the children while it lasted.

Aquinnah Town Column: Dec. 11

We saw the first fallen snow upon awakening Tuesday morning.

Aquinnah Town Column

It has been a rather gray and rainy week but Sunday was a glorious day to enjoy the sunshine and the 50-degree temperature.