Army Corps of Engineers

Bourne, Sagamore Bridge Projects Shift to State Level

State and federal leaders announced a memorandum of understanding that will shift the project to replace the Bourne and Sagamore bridges to the state level.

Army Corps Recommends Replacement of Cape Cod Bridges

A draft report released this week by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is recommending replacement of both the Bourne and Sagamore bridges.

Menemsha Channel Dredging Begins Anew

A long-running dredging project is back underway at Menemsha Channel with a new company at the helm. H&L Dredging of Bay Shores, N.Y., aims to complete a project that began two years ago.

Delay of Menemsha Dredge Project Is Not Isolated Incident

The dredging of the Menemsha channel isn’t the first Army Corps project to suffer from delays since the federal government approved more than $50 billion in recovery aid after Hurricane Sandy.

Officials Brace for Increased Boat Traffic on Menemsha Pond

As Menemsha Channel is dredged for first time in decades, Chilmark and Aquinnah officials are protecting Menemsha Pond from increased boat traffic.

Munitions Removal to Cost $9.8 Million

The Army Corps of Engineers has recommended a $9.8 million project to remove practice bombs and other debris from a former World War II bombing range along the south shore. The five-year investigation and feasibility study was completed this month.

On Target for New Life at Little Neck

Underlying the peaceful scene at Cape Pogue Bay are an unknown number of unexploded practice bombs, dating to wartime years when the area was used for military training.

Chilmark Steadfast in Objection to Army Corps Dredging

Reacting to an April 7 letter from the federal agency, selectmen sounded off about the decision to dredge Menemsha channel despite the town’s objections. “I’m not surprised but I am ticked off,” said selectman Jonathan Mayhew.

Oak Bluffs Harbor Channel To Be Dredged for Saftey

The Army Corps of Engineers will dredge a 10-foot channel in the Oak Bluffs harbor in the coming weeks, to improve navigation and provide safe access for boats entering the marina.

There was a 30-day public comment period on the plan nearly six years ago. No comments were received.

This week the Corps released updated details about the project. While the project approved six years ago called for 5,800 cubic yards of sand to be removed, the amount has now been reduced to 3,500 cubic yards, as the town conducted an emergency dredge of the harbor in 2006.


Bombs on the Beach: Trustees Warn Public to Avoid Ordnance

A bomb squad from the Massachusetts State Police detonated several pieces of unexploded ordnance left over from World War II on Chappaquiddick last Wednesday, sending a thundering boom across the island and rattling foundations from Cape Pogue to Sampson’s Hill.

The explosion prompted concerned calls to the Island communications center and Edgartown police department, and was the subject of speculation all across the tight-knit Chappy community for several days.