Artificial turf

Field Fund Wins Award, Carries on Work at Elementary Schools

The Field Fund has begun work at every elementary school on the Vineyard to improve and maintain nontoxic grass fields. This week the fund was honored with an award at the state house.

High School Will Hire Gale to Consult on Failed Track

The regional high school district committee voted Monday night to spend $29,000 to get the ball rolling on renovations to the high school track.

High School Turf Talks Stall Amid Larger Facilities Discussion

With spring sports about to get underway Monday, improvements on the track and fields at the regional high school have seen little progress.

Grass Fields Project Stalls Amid Disagreement Over Contract

Negotiations between the regional high school district committee and a group that wants to upgrade and maintain the school playing fields have been fraught with disagreement since June, with key terms of a contract still hanging as of this week.

School Committee Formally Backs Grass Fields Alternative

The high school committee has formally agreed to change tack and pursue a plan to upgrade the playing fields using natural grass. A plan to revamp fields using artificial turf has been postponed indefinitely.

Grass Fields Plan Hits Snag Over Rights to Engineering Plans

A plan to upgrade the high school playing fields using grass in place of artificial turf hit a snag when school leaders learned that engineering drawings to rebuild the track may not be available as promised.

Turf Plan on Hold as Grass Alternative Is Unveiled

A controversial plan to revamp the high school playing fields using artificial turf is on hold after a community group unveiled a detailed counter proposal this week to upgrade the fields using all grass instead.

Field Debate Intensifies as Both Sides Dig in Over Artificial Turf Proposal

Many Islanders this year have found themselves mired in a debate over the merits of grass versus artificial turf for the high school playing fields. Similar debates have played out across the country.

Turf War Grows over MV@Play Proposal for High School Fields

A plan to overhaul the athletic fields at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School with artificial turf is the subject of growing controversy.

Synthentic Turf Proposal for High School Stirs Debate

About 100 people attended a public forum Wednesday to discuss a proposal to create a synthetic turf field as part of the high school's athletic facilities.