Avian Astronomy

September is for the birds.

Now, Soo Whiting, don’t get your feathers ruffled, I won’t tread on your turf (see column to the right). These birds of September are in the sky but won’t fly away or be found in a Sibley Guide. My birds live in the autumn night sky, immortalized forever by the stars.

Sun Makes Crescents on Ground, Adding Unique Sideshow of the Eclipse

A feature of the eclipse which greatly impressed watchers here who were fortunate enough to observe it, was the crescents of the sun on the ground when the sun shone between the leaves of the trees. Miss Martha A. Hurlbut of Hurlbut-by-the-Sea, Oak Bluffs, describes the phenomenon as follows:
“Although we did not see the total eclipse, we did have the privilege of watching a most interesting and beautiful display of the crescents.

Eclipse Thrills Watching Island

“Millions viewed the eclipse.” So said the mainland newspapers, and the Vineyard added its thousands to the common mass. Plans for obtaining the best view of this unusual display in the heavens were formulated days previous in many cases, several of the larger pleasure craft of the Island ports setting sail early Wednesday morning with groups of guests on board, bound easterly where the eclipse was more nearly total.

Vineyarders View Great Spectacle

The wonderful total eclipse of the sun by the moon scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 24, has come and gone, and in viewing the great show Martha’s Vineyard’s residents and visitors occupied very desirable seats in the first balcony.