Chappy Cell Tower Plan Sparks Renewed Debate

Plans for a permanent wireless cell tower have sparked renewed debate on the small island, which has long struggled to acquire more reliable cell phone service.

Katama Silo to be Repurposed as Cell Tower

A long-awaited project to bring improved cell service to the Katama part of Edgartown moves forward this week, following the completion of a lease with telecommunications company AT&T.

The company will pay the town $28,000 per year for the use of an abandoned silo at Katama Farm.

Town and Wireless Telephone Company Clash

The Edgartown planning board criticized wireless phone companies Tuesday night for claiming space on the North street telephone tower.

"When is enough enough? When do we get to say enough is enough?" asked planning board chairman Norman Rankow of representatives from AT&T Wireless.

The standoff took place during a public hearing for AT&T's request to replace three antennas, add six cables and install an air conditioner and radio equipment at the North street tower site - one of only two in Edgartown.