Oceanographer, Poet, Menemsha Man Through and Through

Conrad Neuman’s new book, Up-Island Poems, is a short lyrical diary of a poetic soul who went out and came in with the tides, an oceanographer who traveled the world and returned to his Island birthplace to rest, to fish, to tell tales.

Start Making Sense: Cornelia Dean Takes Science to Heart

In all three of her books, Cornelia Dean, former New York Times science editor, Brown University instructor and Chappaquiddick resident, has campaigned against the misuse of science.

Ebbing and Flowing Around the World

Jonathan White set out to educate himself about tides, traveling from Chile to China. The result is his book Tides: the Science and Spirit of the Ocean.

When Laughter Leads, the Heart Follows

In an essay in her new book Would Everyone Please Stop? Jenny Allen invites readers to come and stay in her Vineyard home. It’s something of a cautionary tale.

When Subject Is Mass Extinctions, Hopefully the Past Is Not Prologue

Peter Brannen’s book The Ends of the World explores the six mass extinctions on Earth and what they might tell us about our own dangerous experiment on the planet.

When Roses Go on Adventures, Young Readers Grow in Spirit

Two old Vineyard friends have collaborated on a children’s book entitled The Roses on the Wallpaper.

Sister Islands Meet Sister Issues in Elin Hilderbrand's New Novel

Martha’s Vineyard has a leading role in Nantucket author Elin Hilderbrand’s 19th novel, The Identicals.

New Book Shines Light on Vineyard's Hidden History

In his most recent book, Hidden History of Martha’s Vineyard, Thomas Dresser invites us to explore who we are as a community.

Going Green Starts on the Plate with Simple Suppers

Vegetables are the stars of Susie Middleton’s new cookbook Simple Green Suppers, taking Ms. Middleton and the reader back to her food-obsessed roots.

Family Dinners Are Still an Option for Hectic and Harried Parents

Feeding a Family is as much a game plan for an entire year of dinners as a cookbook. Sarah Waldman’s new cookbook presents full menus, a main dish, a suggested side, and sometimes dessert.