Back Door Donuts

World Record Fritter Fame for Back Door Donuts

Two lines formed at Back Door Donuts Sunday to cheer and taste the largest apple fritter ever made, one for the record books.

The Man Behind the Back Door

Back Door Donuts pastry chef Raffi Jabri doesn’t get much sleep. His typical night shift at the bakery ends at 1:30 a.m.

Time to Stop Making the Doughnuts

We had put it out to the universe that some day we would love to have someone walk into the bakery and say they wanted to buy it. Amazingly, it happened.

Back Door Donuts Sold to Boston Businessmen

Three Boston businessmen are the new owners of Back Door Donuts. Janice Casey, who has owned the business for 17 years with her partner Rita Brown, confirmed the sale Wednesday.

Selectmen to Doughnut Vendor: Sales After 12:30 a.m. Must Stop

If you're craving hot doughnuts and apple fritters late at night, get an early start: Last call at the back door of a downtown bakery in Oak Bluffs is now officially half past midnight.

Doughnuts on Menu at Meeting Tonight of Oak Bluffs Board

Like a twist on the old Homer Price story, it wasn't the doughnuts that piled up this weekend at Janice Casey's bakery in downtown Oak Bluffs, but the signatures.

No Doughnuts Could Leave a Late-Night Hole

Late-night snackers looking for their fix of apple fritters, doughnuts and cinnamon buns in Oak Bluffs could be locked out and left hungry tonight.