Back Story

Holding Hands With History at the Lambert's Cove Inn

The Lambert’s Cove Inn has been purchased once again, and according to all reports will be the repository of the new owner’s hopes and dreams.

Historic Davis Lane House Began Life as a Private School

The Reston family recently ended almost 50 years of ownership of the iconic house at the corner of Davis Lane and School street in Edgartown.

History of a Home Lies in Family Ties and Talent

As readers may have noticed, I am often attracted to unusual houses. The house at 32 Planting Field Way in Edgartown is certainly unusual for the Vineyard.

Finding Peace and History Behind Those Seven Gates

The recent purchase of a house at Seven Gates by former Secretary of State John F. Kerry prompted me to regret being retired from title examining.

From Sengie to Cooke Street

I have seen many people, both residents and tourists, checking out the excavation at 37 Cooke Street.

Captain Warren's House By Any Other Name

Is it really the Warren House? I see in the Gazette that the Warren House is back in the news. I have to smile. The house had a sign on it, “The Captain Warren House” for as many years as I have been coming to the Vineyard.

Quiet Corner

One of Edgartown’s properties with an interesting story has changed hands recently. What we know as the Vose property at Tower Hill started out in the 1890s as Quiet Corner. The house and its outbuildings, including the iconic boathouse, were built by Sol Smith Russell, a vaudeville star who became very successful as an actor and singer, but who made even more money as a real estate entrepreneur in Minneapolis. These buildings were designed by Frank Alden, an Edgartown native who did most of his work in Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr.