Dredged Sand Is Cause For Concern

With Memorial Day close at hand, town officials in Oak Bluffs are scrambling to remedy a situation at Inkwell Beach where dark sediment has been deposited as part of a beach nourishment project.

Riptide Warning for South Shore Has Expired

South-facing beaches along Martha’s Vineyard are under high risk for rip currents today, the National Weather Service has announced. The warning will remain in effect through Monday evening.

In response to the warning, The Trustees of Reservations has closed the beach at Long Point Wildlife Refuge. Swimmers are encouraged to use the pond for swimming.

County Awarded Grant for Beach Rehabilitation

The Department of Conservation and Recreation has awarded the county a $75,000 grant to help finance a beach rehabilitation project, Dukes County manager Martina Thornton informed the county commissioners last week. The money will be used to move sand from Eastville Beach in Oak Bluffs to Joseph Sylvia State Beach, which lost a considerable amount of sand during Hurricane Sandy.

The grant will not completely cover the sand transport, but would give the county “starting seed money,” Ms. Thornton said.

Getting Personal With Weather, Cloudmaker Washes Ashore

Just about everything washes up on the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard at some point, from seaglass to messages in bottles. And last December, a few lucky beachcombers up-Island encountered a first: Pieces of a personal weather modification device.
 That’s the formal name. Informally, it’s simply a cloudmaker, a combination science experiment/art project created by Karolina Sobecka, 35, of New York city. Ms. Sobecka designed the cloudmaker as part of her Amateur Human project, which seeks to personalize human relationships with the environment.

After the Riptide, Fear Still Lingers

Last Sunday, while chasing waves in the Atlantic Ocean at Philbin Beach with my 11-year old granddaughter, I noticed the surf, which had been crashing in, had suddenly disappeared. The ocean I was standing in up to my waist seemed eerily calm. The sandy shore behind me lay perfectly flat, like a sheet of paper. How peculiar.

West Tisbury Special Town Meeting Goes to the Dogs

The long-running debate over dogs on Lambert’s Cove Beach isn’t over yet.

West Tisbury voters, who agreed three weeks ago at their annual town meeting to let residents walk their dogs on the beach on summer mornings, are being asked back to a special town meeting on June 5 to decide whether they want to pay to enforce good behavior by owners and their pets. The warrant is expected to ask voters to back funding for a seasonal assistant animal control officer to patrol the beach, as well as to consider bylaw changes addressing leashes and litter.

Wasque low tide beach

Storm Causes Heavy Erosion From Chappy to Great Rock Bight, Especially at Wasque

While tropical storm Irene did little damage inland save a good salt blasting and natural pruning of trees, the storm drastically reshaped parts of the Island’s coastline when it blew through last Sunday. At Wasque Reservation on Chappaquiddick, 22 feet of south-facing beach fell into the ocean in a 24-hour period. And around the Island conservation officials reported significant losses of beachfront and dramatically altered shorelines. Beaches that were wide ribbons of sand just last week are now nothing but rocks and boulders, and vice versa.


To Swim or Not To Swim, That Is The Beach Question

A large number of beaches in West Tisbury and Oak Bluffs were closed to swimming this week due to high levels of enterococcus bacteria found during routine water testing. Health agents in those two towns put out notices about the closures.

Then some, but not all, of the beaches were opened again.

At press time Thursday the following beaches remained closed: Lambert’s Cove and the ocean side of Long Point in West Tisbury; and Inkwell Beach, Pay Beach, Madeiros Cove (near the drawbridge on the Lagoon Pond) and Eastville Beach in Oak Bluffs.

Breaking News: Wednesday, July 13 - Oak Bluffs, West Tisbury Beaches Closed

A large number of beaches have been closed to swimming in Oak Bluffs and West Tisbury due to high levels of enterococcus bacteria found during routine water testing. Health agents in those two towns have put out notices about the closures.

In West Tisbury the following beaches are closed to swimming: Lambert’s Cove, Seth’s Pond, Salt Works at Seven Gates Farm, Long Cove Pond, Long Point at the ocean and the Tisbury Great Pond at the Trustees of Reservations.


Bad Luck for Hot Dogs: County To Enforce Ban at State Beach

Beachgoers whisking their dogs onto Joseph Sylvia State Beach for a quick spin hoping no one notices may want to think twice this summer — the Dukes County commissioners are calling for a volunteer-based patrol program to help enforce the no-dogs policy.