Quiet Island Equals Busy Bike Stores as Demand Skyrockets

Vineyard bike shop owners report rentals are down, but sales are booming during the pandemic.

Bike Safety

The blitz of bike sales on the Vineyard described in this week’s edition portends a busy season for cyclists on Island roads, so extra caution is critical.

State Grant Money Awarded for Beach Road, Bike Path Projects

The state has doled out some $7.2 million in federal and state aid for pedestrian and bicycle paths between Oak Bluffs and Vineyard Haven, as part of a transportation grant package announced last month.

Top-Notch Bike Bell Has Edgartown Ring

Clint Slone and Nick Slone are the founders of Spurcycle, a high-end bicycle accessory company in San Francisco. An Edgartown School and regional high school graduate, Clint began working at Edgartown Bicycles, owned by his stepfather, at the age of seven.

Bike Swap Benefits Island Children's School

The Island Children’s School in West Tisbury will help solve the age-old dilemma of what to do when your kids outgrow their bicycles.

Edgartown Not Turned on By Electric Bikes

A proposal to rent electric bicycles at an Edgartown rental car shop met a cool reception Monday from the town selectmen, who voiced concerns about the safety of the two-wheeled vehicles.

Bryan Nelson, who operates A-A Island Auto Rental, already rents his low-speed electric bikes to customers in Vineyard Haven.

bicycling lane

Kicking Bike Lanes to the Gutter Not Safe

As a cyclist, I am sadly accustomed to abuse, including ignorant and aggressive drivers (thankfully rare on the Vineyard), so-called bike paths that are substandard in design and upkeep, and the overall attitude (despite law to the contrary) that I’m a second-class road user. Even here in Edgartown, the town has put up illegal stop signs on the bike paths (and ignored pleas to remove them), and illegally tries to exclude cyclists from a section of Pease’s Point Way (a ham-fisted response to a fatality some years back).

Bike Path Approved

The bill authorizing the Department of Public Works to construct a bicycle path between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown has received approval in both the house and the senate, Rep. Gregory Mayhew announced Wednesday. But, the authorization carries little weight because no money has been provided for the project.