Nature Conservancy Sells Its Building to Biodiversity Works

The Nature Conservancy has sold its Lambert’s Cove office to BiodiversityWorks, providing a permanent home for the Vineyard-based wildlife monitoring and research nonprofit.

Northern Long-Eared Bats Are Confirmed Year-Round Residents

BiodiversityWorks long suspected northern long-eared bats were sticking around the Vineyard during the off-season. Now the group has proof.

Tracking the Elusive Black Racer Snake

Black racer snakes (Coluber constrictor) have been documented on the Vineyard as far back as the early 1800s, but little is known about the Island population. That could soon change.

Tracking Down Elusive Black Racer Snakes

As the Island prepared for Tropical Storm Hermine on Sunday, a black racer snake named Miss Audrey was seeking shelter of her own.

Painted Turtles Get Their Moment in the Spotlight

Oscar Thompson has spent the summer chasing turtles for his senior thesis at college. Not known for their speed, painted turtles can still be elusive in their natural habitat deep within the Vineyard's ponds.

Volunteers Needed for Vineyard Bat Survey

Northern long-eared bats need help. If you see bats on the Vineyard, you are invited to complete a BiodiversityWorks survey about Island bats.

In Search of Black Racers, Slithering Along With Island Snakes

Carefully lifting up a panel of plywood near Oyster Pond in Edgartown on Monday, Liz Baldwin uncovered a rare sight: a black racer, the Island’s largest and least common snake species. It was her first encounter with the species, which has been in decline here since the 1970s.

Vineyard Is Safe Haven for Bat Colony

On the mainland, northern long-eared bats are quickly becoming rare sights as they fall victim to a disease called white-nose syndrome. The disease has never been documented on Martha's Vineyard. The bats here are safe, at least for the time being.

Nothing but Net: Biologists Are No Match for Wiley Willets

Scouting and tracking willets is considered important seasonal work among Vineyard biologists. The study of the migratory shorebirds may also provide important information about climate change.

Local Bat Study May Lend Insight to Regional Crisis

The bat detector sputtered and crackled from its post along Middle Cove Loop at Long Point Wildlife Refuge. It hadn’t yet made the telltale repeating noises that occur when an echolocating bat flies by, but by the time wildlife monitor Luke Elder returned to collect the device in the morning, numerous sonar squeaks had been recorded.