Bird news

Marvelous Migrants

The southward migration often means birders go to the Gay Head Cliffs at the western end of the Island.

Tough Luck

So far we have had no luck. The gray heron that was on Tuckernuck and Muskeget last week has not been seen again.

Morning Flight

Northwest winds overnight bring loads of migrating songbirds our way.

Seasonal Shift

Although Caspian terns often show up in late September and October, their southward migration from Canada to Mexico along the Atlantic Coast is now peaking.

Hummingbird Heaven

It's difficult to keep track of hummingbirds as they zip around chasing each other.

Southbound Songbirds

We have finally confirmed fish crows nesting on the Vineyard!

Trash Lovers

Why were there nine gulls at the Bend in the Road Beach late in the afternoon of August 7?

After the Storm

We are forecast to experience tropical storm Isaias sometime from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning.

Hard Questions

Did they leave a month ago or yesterday? That question is hard to answer.

Conspicuous Sounds

American goldfinches are conspicuous. Their flight call, “potato chip, potato chip, ...” (I am not kidding) can be heard near almost any field.