Bird news

Royal Phenomenon

The second royal tern of the season was found by Matt Pelikan on July 12 on Norton Point Beach.

Southward Bound

Today’s column reports the start of the season of southbound migrant birds!

Dwindling Songs

The volume of bird song has decreased in the past few weeks.

Cacophony of Corvids

Make no mistake about it, the corvids – the crows – can be very noisy.

Eyes Up

It pays to look upward quickly when you see shorebirds suddenly rise up into the air.

Beach Sharing

Warm weather has finally come our way, and many of our thoughts turn to beaches.

Passing Through

Migration continues this week and three species were added to our year list. At least two sandhill cranes are still hanging out on the Island.

May Migration

The peak of migration is past, but that does not mean it is over.

Wandering Warblers

The middle of May has come and gone and migration is at or near its peak.

New Arrivals

This year’s northward migration is peaking now, but it continues to be about the return of our nesting birds rather than migrants moving through as they head to their more distant nesting grounds.