The Joyful Madness of a Vineyard Bloomsday Celebration

The Vineyard has hosted a Bloomsday celebration since 1979, thanks to organizer John Crelan and the Arts & Society group. June 16, 1904, is the day James Joyce’s masterwork Ulysses takes place.

Spirit of James Joyce Rises Again on the Vineyard

Exactly 114 years after Leopold Bloom walked around Dublin in James Joyce’s Ulysses, the author was honored at the 40th Vineyard Bloomsday celebration.

Spirit of Bloomsday

The words and spirit of James Joyce will come alive again in Vineyard Haven as Arts and Society presents the 39th annual Bloomsday celebration.

Moocows and Baby Tuckoos Always Welcome

More than 70 years after his death, James Joyce once again stole the show. For a single night, the Island brought back to life the man and his work.

Katrina Buck

Twas Dublin in Vineyard Haven As Actors Re-Joyce on Bloomsday

James Joyce once declared that if Dublin were ever destroyed, it could be wholly reconstructed from the text of his famously impenetrable opus, Ulysses. On Wednesday night, or Bloomsday night rather, the Dublin of Joyce was thus faithfully restored in Vineyard Haven.


Bloomsday Celebrates Joyce’s Canon With Pomp, Pageantry

The 31st annual Arts and Society Bloomsday Celebration — of music and drama based on the text of James Joyce — will be performed Tuesday, June 16, at the Katharine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven. Curtain time is 8 p.m.