Book reviews

Vineyard Bookshelf: The Rise of Tourism on Martha's Vineyard

Thomas Dresser, in his new book The Rise of Tourism on Martha’s Vineyard, explores the dream of coming to the Island.

Praise for Protected Lands on Martha’s Vineyard

In her new book, Tess Bramhall pays tribute to 21 of the Island’s most beautiful protected places.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Around the World in Thirty Years

There are a few inherent perils in writing travel memoirs, of course.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Historic Tales of Oak Bluffs

From 2012 to 2017, Skip Finley wrote more than 250 columns for the Vineyard Gazette, centering on the history and unique character of Oak Bluffs.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Emperors of the Deep

Since it’s 2019, you’ve already heard some of the facts and statistics that underlie conservationist William McKeever’s new book Emperors of the Deep.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Every Day Is Extra

Enter John Kerry’s recent memoir, Every Day Is Extra, a decidedly heartfelt book.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Plumbelly

Plumbelly, about a 28-foot sloop and the dynamics of its sailors, is Gary Maynard's debut novel.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Dear Jack: A Love Letter

“By the water we all feel at home,” writes Barbara Bates Conroy in her intensely moving book Dear Jack: A Love Letter.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Martha's Vineyard Tales

Naturally, a good many Vineyard tales verge on the odd.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Whaling on Martha's Vineyard

It’s a testament to Tom Dresser’s storytelling gifts that a subject as big as whaling on the Vineyard can be told so well in only 150 pages.