Back Door Donuts Sold to Boston Businessmen

Three Boston businessmen are the new owners of Back Door Donuts. Janice Casey, who has owned the business for 17 years with her partner Rita Brown, confirmed the sale Wednesday.

Female Mechanics Rock; Female Auto Shop Owners Rule

After working for years as a mechanic for McIntosh Motors, Andrea Campbell has stepped into an ownership role. Her new business is Andrea’s Auto.

Shiretown Meats Goes Up for Sale

Shiretown Meats, the popular, long-established butcher shop in Edgartown, is listed for sale with an Island real estate agency.

Murdick's Fudge, Where the Holiday Sweet Tooth Reigns

Fudge may seem synonymous with summer but the holiday rush is heavy too at Murdick's Fudge. On a recent afternoon, Double Chocolate had the lead for a brief moment but S’mores soon beat it out for number one.

Art of Listening Is Key Component to Making Lasting Jewelry

For Richard Hamilton, the process of creating jewelry starts with listening to his customers' stories. At age 67, he mostly works on commissions now, but his work is also featured on the Island at Claudia Jewelry and Driftwood.

Art on the Run; Hot Tin Roof Mural for Sale

One of the last relics of the Hot Tin Roof is for sale. Approximately 240 feet of an iconic mural painted by Margot Datz in the early 1990s is available for purchase.

Application to Sell Sporting Guns Sparks Debate in Tisbury

A businessman’s application for a license to sell sporting guns touched off debate online this week, in the wake of Las Vegas.

The Musical Mechanic, An Interview with Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson of Nelson Mechanical Design is an expert in green heating and cooling solutions--by day. At night you can often find him on stage at Island venues with his band the Jelly Roll Horns.

New Life, Deep Island Roots at Hillside Farm

Kendra Mills, the proprietor of Hillside Farm market in West Tisbury, has farm sense. She innately knows when peas are ripe and which strawberries are the sweetest.

For MV Mycological, Vineyard Weather Equals Shiitake Splendor

Tucker Pforzheimer and Truman French are mushroom farmers with tents full of logs and a passion for shiitakes. They are the brains, heart, sweat and soul behind MV Mycological.