Fifty Years for the Chilmark Flea

The Chilmark Flea Market began in 1967 with five card tables at the Chilmark Community Church. Fifty years later and a lot larger, its still going strong.

Fashioning an Entrepreneurial Spirit

In early May, Larisa Stinga opened Sleek MV, a boutique that sells clothing, Island-made jewelry and art.

Gogo Ferguson Is Inspired by Nature and Creativity

Gogo Ferguson’s Vineyard Haven storefront is, in a sense, a shrine to nature. Each piece on display pays tribute to nature’s beauty and functionality.

New Katama General Store Opens to Eager Shoppers

Katama General Store reopened around noon Thursday, welcoming a rush of eager shoppers searching for picnic food or stopping by to see the results of an eight-month remodel.

The Little Video Store That Could

Little has changed about Island Entertainment, Martha’s Vineyard’s only video store, since it was founded in 1986. It’s just that everything else around it has.

Salt Adds Flavor to Shopping and Music Scene

Clothing designer John Zannini aims to make Salt not just a hidden gem. This week Shawn Williams of New Orleans performs at the small shop.

Cronig's Real Estate Celebrates Full Century in Business

One hundred years ago, Henry Cronig founded Cronig's Real Estate in the same Vineyard Haven Building where the business is today. His desk is still in the front office.

Tea Lane Associates: Fifty Years of Women Leading the Way

Tea Lane Associates began 50 years ago with force and chutzpah. With Eleanor D. Pearlson and Julia Green Sturges at the helm it was a potent combination.

Edgartown Dairy Queen Has New Ownership

The Edgartown Dairy Queen is in new hands, with longtime owners Antone (Tony) and Erika Bettencourt selling the Upper Main street business to the Celeste family.

Barnes Estate Finds: Antiques and Classic Cars to Drive Them Home

For some 60 years, Clarence A. (Trip) Barnes 3rd has been collecting things. He filled trailers, and trucks, and buildings with items from purchasing estates and giveaways and house clean-outs.