Pie in the Sky Closes for Renovations

Wednesday is for weeping. On Dec. 14, Pie in the Sky Bakery will close its doors for construction.

Sweet Bites Arrives Just in Time to Sugar Up the Holidays

Sweet Bites Bakery opened just before Thanksgiving, and was inundated with orders for holiday cakes and pies. It was the best off-season welcome Valerio and Sonia Destefani could imagine.

Sydney Hotel in Edgartown Plans Expansion

Owners of the Sydney want to build a new 10,000-square-foot hotel with retail space and employee housing in the heart of downtown Edgartown.

Guided by Design Is a Jeweler's Prerogative

Kenneth Pillsworth dropped out of college and moved to the Vineyard to become a jeweler.

Off-Season Luncheonette Proves Again Black Sheep Are Special

Chef Judy Klumick is succinct when describing Black Sheep Luncheonette, an Edgartown eatery she runs with Patti Canha. “The Luncheonette is food truck style,” she said. “Wham, bam, done.”

After a Sleepy Nine Months, Mott’s Wakes Up Oak Bluffs Again

Mocha Mott’s was bustling on Halloween morning when it opened up again for the first time in nine months.

Art Parties Bring Out the Creative Camaraderie

Jasmine Thompson hears the same thing at every art party she hosts. “I don’t even know how to draw a stick figure,” someone will inevitably say.

A Gathering Space for Artists, Driftwood Goes With the Local Flow

Samantha Church wasn’t planning on becoming a businesswoman. But she saw a market for a locals-only jewelry store on Circuit avenue, the busiest street in Oak Bluffs, and last summer opened Driftwood.

Stone Carver's Mantra Is Mind Over Matter

Adrian Smith has been carving animals into stone since he was a teenager. It is a meditative process, which appeals to the artist, who sells his pieces out of his small gallery nearly hidden off Main street in Vineyard Haven.

Spring Arrives Early, With Sprinkles on Top

Racing to the Dairy Queen in Edgartown on opening day is a time-honored tradition. And the first ice cream cone (or blizzard or milkshake) is as much a marker of spring as the pinkletinks.