Camp Jabberwocky

Camp Jabberwocky Takes the Stage

“Everyone can see we’re together as we walk on by,” sang a roomful of campers and counselors at Camp Jabberwocky.

Love Boat: Jabberwocky Campers Arrive

Camp Jabberwocky began its 65th summer season as it always does, with songs, hugs and far-out outfits when campers arrived by ferry.

Long History of Caring Makes Vineyard a Disability Paradise

The Vineyard Independence Partnership brings together Islanders with disabilities, family members and friends for activities on the Island.

Gazette Raises Funds for Camp Jabberwocky

The Vineyard Gazette will donate $14,145 to Camp Jabberwocky, the Island’s groundbreaking sleepaway camp for people with disabilities, the result of a successful subscription campaign.

Gazette Promotion Benefits Jabberwocky

The unique Island camp for people with disabilities has been chosen as this year’s beneficiary of the Gazette’s annual holiday subscription promotion.

Camp Jabberwocky Turns 65 with a Bash and Big Plans

The lights were low, the music was funky and party hats were everywhere as Camp Jabberwocky marked its 65th anniversary in Boston last Thursday night.

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again, Jabberwocky Has All the Fun

Camp Jabberwocky is famous for taking a familiar story and zapping it to life. Mamma Mia! was no different.

Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank Donates to Camp Jabberwocky

Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank has donated $5,000 to Camp Jabberwocky, which serves children and adults with disabilities.

Camp Jabberwocky Goes Back to the Future Like Never Before

Last Saturday evening Camp Jabberwocky performed Back to the Future, a theatrical reinterpretation of the 1985 movie.

On Stage and Off, Jabberwocky Is All Heart

The Camp Jabberwocky stage was a small Amish town in Pennsylvania where Dr. Frankenstein set up a laboratory. Using high voltage electricity, he zapped his green creature, Derrick, to life.