Camp Meeting History

Wesleyan Grove

We commend our review of the week with some details of what we saw at Wesleyan Grove, last Saturday.
We noticed many improvements, and beheld some splendid cottages already completed or in process of construction. Those of Nathaniel Wales, Esq., and Mr. Buckminster, of New Bedford, are beauties. We think that of Mr. B’s is the tastiest cottage on the ground.

Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Company

We call attention to the interesting letter from the Harford Times, which we print to-day. This enterprising Company have already had a further survey of their grounds, and laid out a large number of new lots for cottages. The Company supposed they had enough lots staked out to supply the market for several years, but the demand has been so great, a new supply needed.

Land and Wharf Company

The Land and Wharf Company here given their grounds the unique and taking name of “Oak Bluffs,” upon which they offer a thousand lots for sale. The have now completed the most substantial and convenient wharf that could have been erected in this vicinity, within forty rods of the Camp-ground proper.

Purchase of the Camp Ground


The camp ground upon Martha’s Vineyard, heretofore leased by the Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, has been purchased by that body for the sum of $1200. If there have been any doubts heretofore about the continuance of the Vineyard Camp Meeting, this will settle them. The association have acted wisely in thus obtaining full title to a property so favorably situated for their use as a camp ground and the value of which must be constantly upon the increase. - Mercury. 


Wesleyan Grove: Camp Meeting Herald

The approaching campaign at Wesleyan Grove is so full of matters of interest to readers far and near that we are induced to publish a daily paper, to be called the Camp Meeting Herald, which will contain a concise report of all transactions upon the ground; a brief report of all sermons, a historical sketch of the prominent itinerant clergymen, and all local items. Within this sheet the reader will find a perfect transcribe of each day upon the camp ground. It cannot fail to interest you. Send in your subscriptions.

Wesleyan Grove

Mr. Marchant, - I seize a few moments in the midst of other cares to drop you a line respecting the progress of our Camp Meeting Arriving here on Monday, I found the verbal reports which had from time to time reached us to the effect that great additions had been made to the internal arrangements, and great accessions to the number of tents, was indeed true. The changes last year were matters of perfect surprise, as well as admiration. Those of the present year, in some portions of the suburbs - to say nothing of the city proper - are far in advance of anything which could have expected.

Martha’s Vineyard Wesleyan Grove Camp Ground

This religious encampment has become an Institution, there is nothing like it in this country, and it is greatly increasing from year to year. In accordance with the recommendation of the agent of the Grounds, in his annual report, important measures have been adopted at the business meetings. Among the things ordered were the digging of an additional well and the setting out of shade trees. The erection of a two and one half story house has just been completed, under the general supervision of the Agent. The building is in modern style, thoroughly finished and painted 24 feet by 40.

The Vineyard Camp-Meeting

This meeting was commenced on Wednesday, the 18th instant, at Wesleyan Grove, and was more numerously attended than on any previous year. The greatest number present was on Sunday, when it was estimated there were between four and five thousand persons on the ground. In Providence and the neighborhood the Methodists were disappointed in chartering a steamer for the occasion, and many (estimated at 1,500) were therefore prevented from coming; yet, so great was the increase, upon former years, from other places, that the decrease from this quarter was much far more than made up.