Carly Simon

Islanders' Film Plays Woods Hole Festival

Born Into the Gig, by filmmakers Kate David and David Heilbroner, spotlights next-generation musicians including Sally Taylor and Ben Taylor.

The Artistry of a Creative Friendship

In 1979, Carly Simon opened the Hot Tin Roof nightclub with two partners. To decorate the venue, she hired Margot Datz, a 26-year-old sculptor who had recently moved to the Vineyard.

Looking Back to Look Forward, Carly Simon Finds Her Chorus

Throughout her life Carly Simon has been a dutiful diarist, and so the whole of her life was just an arm’s length away waiting to be reborn.
Carly Simon Web site

Carly Simon in Tune with Connectivity

Carly Simon, the celebrated pop songwriter and musical pioneer who began her musical career as a young singer on the Vineyard and lives here year-round, has taken a big step to give Vineyard musicians a way to stay connected with each other in the digital age. This week she launched a Web site,, as a way to help local musicians connect to each other.

Carly Simon Taylor family

Carly Simon Biography, Talent and Determination

Carly Simon, especially for those who live on or visit Martha’s Vineyard, is a bold-faced name. In fact, she has been famous for so long it is as if she were born famous; biding her time in the womb, say, by humming the first bars of Anticipation. Such is the price of fame, this distorted view by those on the outside looking in. We see only the finished product, the glamorous stage presence, so natural, again as if she had rocked her own delivery room with a chorus of You’re So Vain. But this is a false picture, one that does not include the shy stutterer who achieved her success the old-fashioned way, with a lot of very hard work.

Children’s Book Subject a Dear One for Baseball Fan Carly Simon

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME. By Carly Simon (performer, author), Jack Norworth (author) and Amiko Hirao (illustrator). Imagine, a Charlesbridge Imprint. April 2011. 26 pages, hardcover. $17.95.

Imagine a 1908 Tin Pan Alley ditty that continues to be heard by tens of millions of Americans on a daily basis — at least during baseball season. Yes, the incredibly catchy Take Me Out to the Ballgame (by Jack Norworth), is the unofficial baseball anthem, and it gets the crowds roaring to the immortal lyrics:


Classic Carly Simon, It’s Never Been Gone

Even when filtered through telephone lines, Carly Simon’s voice is distinctive; those warm, husky tones laid over bright backgrounds cause a listener to leap immediately to her songs, her albums — you know that voice.

Community Services Employees Receive Carly Simon's Bonus

Just in time for the holidays, there is closure to the long-standing discussion over how to dispense a $16,500 gift to Martha's Vineyard Community Services workers.

The gift - from singer Carly Simon and author Norman Bridwell - funded a one-time bonus to nonmanagerial employees of the health service agency; the money was divided equally among more than 100 of them, amounting to something above $100 each.