West Tisbury Will Allow Green Burials in Town Cemeteries

West Tisbury is updating its cemetery regulations to include rules for green burials, an environment-friendly form of interment that uses no casket.

Revisiting the Vineyard's Distant Past at Tower Hill

Edgartown cemetery commissioner Elizabeth Villard led a three-year gravestone restoration effort.

Tower Hill Cemetery Dedication

Celebrate the restoration of the 17th and 18th century gravestones at Tower Hill Cemetery on Friday, May 18 at 1 p.m.

Selectmen Put Highway In Charge of Town Cemeteries

Ending a prolonged period of turmoil in the cemetery department, the Edgartown selectmen will shift responsibility to the highway department.

Cost of Living High But So Is Dying as Cemetery Fees Rise

With plots at Abel’s Hill Cemetery a relative bargain, the Chilmark cemetery commission has voted to gradually increase the rates.

Workplace Dispute Unearths Animosity on Town Cemetery Commission

The Edgartown cemetery commission is awaiting a recommendation from the town’s labor counsel on disciplinary action against cemetery superintendent Jennifer Morgan, following a two and a half-hour hearing Tuesday.

Erosion at Noman's Threatens Old Cemetery Near Shore

The old Luce Cemetery on the shore of Noman’s Land is at risk of being washed into the sea, and some of the graves may need to be moved farther inland, a representative from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said this week.

West Tisbury Learns $75,000 Not Enough to Replace Cemetery Fence

Two bids came in over the amount appropriated by voters last spring. The town selectmen said this week they will now take steps to replace only part of the fence.

Off the Beaten Path, but Still Plenty of Life to Go Around

History is hidden all over the Vineyard. Forgotten gravesites still turn up in backyards. Graves are often discovered when homeowners embark on renovations, or casually turn over a stone that’s always been on the property, finding on the other side a small record of a life once lived.

At Rest But Alive With Vineyard's History

When John Alley was a kid, his Uncle Fred would pay him to mow the lawn at the West Tisbury cemetery. One day, just as he was leaning over between two headstones, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Young John headed for the hills.

“That was it! I lost the lawnmower and ran,” remembered Mr. Alley, thinking one of his silent friends had come back from the dead. Turns out it was just Prudy Whiting letting young John know that her father’s sheep were on the loose.