Chappaquiddick Incident

Fifty Years Later, Chappaquiddick Still Reverberates

On July 18, 1969, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy arrived on Martha’s Vineyard to sail in the 43rd annual Edgartown Yacht Club regatta. It was a day the world would remember forever. But not because of the sailing race.

Vineyard Bookshelf: Chappaquiddick Speaks

One of the lesser tolls of tragedy is the way it taints places.

Packed Houses Greet Chappaquiddick Premiere at Film Festival

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival began on Thursday night with a premiere of the film Chappaquiddick. Two screenings were held at Edgartown Cinemas to sold-out audiences.

Chappaquiddick Film Takes New Look at Well-Known Story

A few years ago director John Curran and actor Jason Clarke made a late night trip to the Dike Bridge in preparation for their film, which revisits events that took place there nearly 50 years ago.

Chappaquiddick Movie Will Open Martha's Vineyard Film Festival

Chappaquiddick, the upcoming movie that revisits Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s 1969 car crash, will open the 2018 Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival on March 15.

Trailer Gives Sneak Preview for Movie Chappaquiddick

A newly-released trailer gives the first look at Chappaquiddick, an upcoming movie about Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s infamous 1969 car crash on the Vineyard.

Chappy Ferry Travels to 1960s as New Movie Films in Edgartown

Hollywood turned back the clock Thursday at the Chappy ferry landing, as Memorial Wharf became a movie set for the upcoming film about the 1969 Chappaquiddick accident.

Selectmen Look Askance at Location Work for Chappaquiddick Movie

A California film company producing a movie about Sen. Ted Kennedy’s 1969 accident on Chappaquiddick saw a cool reception Monday over a request to close streets and beaches for scene shots.

Coming to a Big Screen Near You: Chappaquiddick the Movie

Apex Entertainment is casting actors for a film that will chronicle the story of Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy and the accident on Chappaquiddick.

Five Years and a Day Since the Incident, the Curious Still Come, with Opinions, to Dyke Bridge

“Could you tell me,” they ask, “how to get to the Kennedy Memorial Bridge?” Five years and a day after Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s black Oldsmobile lurched off the Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick, the senior Massachusetts senator at the wheel and the doomed Miss Mary Jo Kopechne beside him, tourists keep coming, at least 60 of them a day, to stand and stare at the scene of the Island’s - perhaps the nation’s - most celebrated automobile accident.