Chappy Cell Tower

Planning Board Approves Chappy Cell Tower

Capping years of debate, the Edgartown planning board voted 4-1 to approve the construction of a 115-foot AT&T cell tower on Chappaquiddick Tuesday night.

Chappy Cell Tower Wins Final Approval

Marking the end of six years of deliberations and debate, the Edgartown planning board voted 4 to 1 to approve the installation of a permanent cell tower on Chappaquiddick at a packed meeting Tuesday night.

Chappy Cell Tower Plan Sparks Renewed Debate

Plans for a permanent wireless cell tower have sparked renewed debate on the small island, which has long struggled to acquire more reliable cell phone service.

Temporary Chappy Cell Tower Clears Final Approval

The Edgartown planning board unanimously approved a temporary mobile telephone tower on Chappaquiddick, clearing the way for greatly expanded coverage for AT&T cell phones beginning this summer.

MVC Allows Chappy Cell Tower

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission this week approved construction of a temporary 104-foot cell tower on Chappaquiddick, a proposal that has divided residents on the small island that lies off the eastern end of Edgartown.

Martha's Vineyard Commission Reviews Chappy Cell Tower

A proposal to build a wireless antenna on Chappaquiddick heads back to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission Thursday for the second night of a public hearing that began last week.

Chappy Residents Voice Concerns Over Possible Cell Tower

Edgartown selectmen agreed Monday to form a new committee to study options for mobile phone service on Chappaquiddick amid concern from residents that a cell tower will be built on the small, rural island.

Stuck in Slow Lane, Chappy Can't Connect

A brief, 527-foot ferry ride separates Edgartown proper from Chappaquiddick. But assume that voyage, and you step off the grid, surrendering access to reliable cell phone reception and the internet.